Pit Bulls Saved by Vigilant Mailman

Thanks to a mailman in Colorado, four abandoned pit bulls escaped certain death. However, the three dead turtles which were also found inside the home were not as “lucky”. The pit bulls were reportedly discovered after a mail carrier noticed barking coming from inside the house. Upon closer inspection, he also noticed that some of the windows in the house were broken. He then notified the authorities.

The police secured a search warrant and found the animals inside. The dogs reportedly had no access to food or water and had not been let outside to relieve themselves in some time. When they reached out to the Humane Society for help, they found out that the shelter was already investigating the owner, Crystal McIntosh.

While at the house, the alleged owner stopped by and blatantly told police that she no longer lived at the address and that she had moved out a whole three months before and left the animals there. Needless to say, police arrested her for seven counts of animal cruelty.

Show your support to ensure she gets a stiff sentencing if found guilty, by signing and sharing the petition at the link below.

Source: Punish Woman Arrested for Seven Counts of Animal Cruelty

Photo Credit: Richard Masoner


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