Humane Society Banned from Bringing Dogs to Colorado

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Colorado has had a long-established history of taking in rescued animals from out-of-state. However, thanks to the new enforcing of licensing rules, some animal shelters no longer meet the requirements to transport animals to Colorado. Chief among them is Going Home Animal Rescue and Transport (GHART), a non-profit organization which transports rescued dogs to many states across the U.S.

Other humane societies based in Colorado, like Farfel Farms and the Summit Dog Rescue, have worked with GHART for years and insist that the entire transportation route from beginning to end is handled with the best care. Describing the service, Emily Wolf from Summit Dog Rescue stated,

It’s clean, it’s courteous and it’s all about the dogs.

Yet, in November of last year, the Department of Agriculture’s Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act (PACFA) demanded that GHART obtain a pet handler’s license.

In order to qualify for this license, the animal rescue group must put in place new policies which may actually put animals and volunteers in danger. For instance, complying might mean parking at the side of the road at 4 in the morning in an unfamiliar place to walk up to 30 dogs, before moving on again. Rules like these are neither practical nor safe.

Nick Fisher, the program director of PACFA, insists that the changes are meant to stem a spike in diseases in illnesses among animals brought to Colorado. This is a great initiative on his part. However, the execution of these well-meaning intentions will not necessarily deliver the results he is hoping for.

Walking a dog at 4 in the morning does not cure him of diseases and illnesses he might otherwise have.

GHART can apply for a formal exemption, but it could take up to eighteen months for this to be granted. Help us speed up the process by signing and sharing this petition via the link below. Hundreds of little lives are counting on you.

Source: Don’t Ban Responsible Rescue Group From Transporting Animals


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