Pimp Pleads Guilty to Human Trafficking

A pimp in Massachusetts pleaded guilty to charges of human trafficking this year. The charges follow a joint investigation launched by the Attorney General’s Office and the Boston Police, four years ago. Some of the charges levied against Michael Leoney include sexual servitude, conspiracy to traffic persons for sexual servitude, and deriving support from prostitution.

His brother, Shaun Leoney, was allegedly part of the operation and is already serving a seven year sentence for similar charges, after pleading guilty last year. Michael allegedly specialized in finding Caucasian victims, while his brother trafficked Hispanic women.

According to Maura Healey, the current Attorney General, Michael “exploited women by recruiting them, transporting them and coercing them to engage in commercial sex for his own personal profit.” The office also shared that Michael so treated his operations as a business, and the women as a product, that he advertised them online. This further helped to incriminate him.

Both brothers received an income from prostituting the women on a daily basis; and coerced them into complying with their orders through force and threats of violence.

Michael Leoney is scheduled for sentencing soon. Encourage the Attorney General to ensure he gets the maximum sentence by signing and sharing the petition below.

Source: Punish Pimp Who Pleaded Guilty to Human Trafficking

Photo Credit: Ira Gelb


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