Police Discovers Dog Fighting Ring

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An anonymous tip put a man convicted of hosting dog-fights in 1995, behind bars again.

Police say when they responded to the call and visited the home of 58-year-old, Roy Chester Bennett, there was evidence of blood on his clothes. When asked where the blood came from, he told the authorities that it had come from his wounded pet. He then allowed the officers to check the backyard, which became his own undoing.

According to official reports, the officers found evidence of a possible dog fighting ring in the back. There was a wooden fence possibly used to cage dogs for fights, and dried blood stains on a carpeted spot behind the house.

The 11 dogs present on the property were chained up, wounded, and looked as though they had not been properly fed for some time. There was no food or water within reach, and empty bleach bottles and other bits of garbage filled the cages. Animal Care and Control removed the animals from the property and administered much needed medical care.

Bennett, who authorities claim had been arrested over 20 times for felony charges, has been ordered to stay away from animals. He was slapped with 33 counts of animal cruelty and jailed with a bond set at $66,000.

Help ensure he stays away from animals and behind bars for as long as possible by signing and sharing the petition below.

Source: Punish Man Charged With Running Dog Fighting Ring

Photo Credit: Lee D. Baker


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