Police Rescue 17-Year-Old Girl from Sex Offender

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Thanks to a tip from Second Life Chattanooga, police rescued a 17-year-old girl from the clutches of a sex offender and alleged human trafficker.

Reports say an undercover officer made contact with the girl via a phone number posted on an ad on Backpage.com. He then arranged to meet with her under the pretext of sex in exchange for money. Instead, when he found her waiting in the room, he turned her over to protective custody with the Department of Children’s Services.

After investigating further, the police discovered that the girl was reportedly held against her will by sex offender, Hector Velasquez – a Georgia native on the run from Florida, and wanted for several offences.

Now, along with his former charges, Velasquez has been slapped with criminal impersonation, human trafficking, and promoting prostitution. Velasquez is currently booked at the Hamilton County Jail, without bond and on a hold from Florida.

Help ensure he stays behind bars by signing and sharing the petition in the link at the end of this post. Together we can help Second Life to achieve its goal of abolishing modern-day slavery, which knows no color, age, or creed.

About Second Life Chattanooga

Second Life Chattanooga is a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating “a future free from trafficking”. Second Life works through various mediums to spread its message.

In its earlier stages, it primarily focused on raising awareness of human trafficking in Southeast Tennessee. Now, the organisation has become a recovery center for victims of sex trafficking from all over America, looking for a place to heal and start over, free of judgement.

Source: Punish Sex Offender Charged with Human Trafficking of a Minor

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7 thoughts on “Police Rescue 17-Year-Old Girl from Sex Offender

  1. One of my friends is an active supporter of movements against human trafficking. I believe it to be a very noble cause. Thank you for the article.

    1. You’re welcome. Thank you for reading and commenting. That means a lot in itself. Feel free to reblog on your website if it fits in with the rest of your content.

      A lot of people think “slavery is abolished” but it’s time we start to rethink what slavery is.

    1. Thank you for reading and liking. Yes, we definitely need to, although I’m not sure how we can. So much of it happens underground. I get the feeling that what we see are just the small fries at the tip of the iceberg.

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