These are the Top 5 Brands Making a Political Stand for Diversity at Super Bowl LI

Alexis Chateau PR

Last year, the publicresponded to Beyoncé’s political halftime show with praise, outrage, boycotts, and sold out shows. So this year, as we geared up to watch Super Bowl 51, we wondered if any artists would make another stand.

Much to our surprise, it was corporate who did the job.From lifestyle brands to automakers, companies stepped up to the plate to remind us all that diversity is an important cornerstone of American society, regardless of who they voted for and why.

So here are the five ads that caught our eye by putting their branding where their ethics was – even when it meant walking a thin, gray line!

5. It’s a 10!: Four Years Of…

If nothing else, this ad got a good laugh out of us, rightafterwe held our breath for an intro stating:

America, we’re in for at least four years…

…of awful hair.

The ad…

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  1. I saw a tweet that said something to the effect of: corporations just spent six million dollars per minute to say fuck you to trump. I loved how so many ads celebrated diversity

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    1. Cynthia, the sad part is that ads about diversity shouldn’t have to be an F-U to any President of the United States.

      What is America if not a land of immigrants? We’re not natives to this land.

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