New England Fall Diaries: Vlog Entry 7

Massachusetts was interesting, but I was only too happy to be back in New Hampshire. This time I left Nashua, and travelled further north to Wildcat Falls Conservation Area.

Wildcat Falls turned out to be my favourite trail in New Hampshire, and one of the best trails I’ve hiked this year.


If the video doesn’t load automatically, then you can watch it here on Facebook.

Alexis Chateau Black Cat

My trip to New England was booked by 1 View Point, our in-house travel agency at Alexis Chateau PR. My wardrobe (ASK ME HOW I GOT HERE shirts and hoodies) was designed, and sponsored by 1 View Point and Alexis Chateau PR in celebration of our #November31 campaign.

16 thoughts on “New England Fall Diaries: Vlog Entry 7

  1. You have to get to Western Massachusetts, the part just north of our part of Connecticut. The Berkshires are gorgeous. The Appalachian Trail runs right through there.

    1. You! Are you okay? I have it marked down on the 6th of November “Check on Elizabeth”!

      I only visited Andover in Massachusetts, and I didn’t like it much. There were lots of big, beautiful houses, but poorly maintained trails and not much to see. And not a lot of hikers, even though the trails almost ran through people’s yards.

      Next fall, I’m thinking of heading up further north to Vermont, Maine and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I’ll add Berkshires to my hiking list though. Is it only beautiful for leaf-turnings, or all year round?

      1. Yes, Maine and Vermont are both great. I really like Maine’s “Down East” coast (past Portland). Massachusetts is nice oo, in the right places. I’m currently on Cape Cod, and really enjoy it.

      2. Yeah, I’ve seen great fall photos for Vermont, but it looks like fall came much sooner up there, even though they weren’t that far away.

        I didn’t find Massachusetts to be very pretty. I went to Andover. Lots of big houses and stuff, but really nothing on the trails compared to NH. And the trails weren’t as well maintained.

        I would love to test out the coastline as well, but that’s probably gonna have to be a trip to itself!

  2. I like what you are doing with this. Very neat! And very brave! hahaha There is a trail somewhat near me that I love, but I won’t go deep into the woods by myself. lol

    1. Thank you! Never vlogged in my life before, and this was my first 100% solo trip. Usually, I meet up with friends at the location, or I’m at least somewhere familiar. Not this time.

      Gone into the woods by myself a lot. It’s not as scary as think! My mom has a mini-heart-attack every time, though.

      And every time I run off to a new state, my mom gets all these phone calls from family going, “She did what? Well do you know where she’s going? Has she been there before? Who is she meeting?” Haha. I’m used to it by now.

      1. hahahaha yeah my mom hates when I go to the park by myself, too. I have to keep texting her and keeping her updated.
        I guess around here it makes me nervous because there have been so many stories on the news of people getting murdered in the metroparks around here. Eeek!

      2. I live just outside of Cleveland and those stories are from the Cleveland metroparks. The trail I like that goes deep into the woods is a really nice area, but I guess I’m just paranoid from living so close to the city. lol

      3. I try to find people to come with, but our schedules are usually very conflicting. Also its hard to find friends that can keep up for 15 miles. hahahaha

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