New England Fall Diaries: Vlog Entry 10

Wandered around Horse Hill Nature Preserve for about an hour — then it was time to make my way out to safety. Truly beautiful trails!

If the video doesn’t load automatically, then you can watch it here on Facebook.

Alexis Chateau Black Cat

My trip to New England was booked by 1 View Point, our in-house travel agency at Alexis Chateau PR. My wardrobe (ASK ME HOW I GOT HERE shirts and hoodies) was designed, and sponsored by 1 View Point and Alexis Chateau PR in celebration of our #November31 campaign.


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  1. weedjee says:

    New England is a nice land in the States and my favorite could be Maine, a thing is sure … you’re an expert in travels as wanderlust in New England… Todo lo mejor 👍👍👍👍😉😉😉

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    1. Gracias! This was my first time in New England. I hope to see Maine next year, as well as Vermont. 😊


      1. weedjee says:

        Maine as Vermont are excellent places to a great woman as you.

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  2. Love the video. Hiking is one of my favorite ways to burn calories and enjoy nature!


    1. Thank you! Yes, it is. 😊

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  3. Nicole N says:

    Amazing ❤ What do you use to film your videos??

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    1. I’m a newbie and used my camera on a self stick. I used the front facing camera, but was told I should have used the camera at the back. Oh well, haha. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

      Are you planning on vlogging? And thank you!


      1. Nicole N says:

        The video still looks great! I definitely want to get into vlogging or even just capturing videos in general. Any tips on how to start?

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      2. I didn’t really plan to do mine. But I would say practice being in front of the camera. Find out what angles best suit you. Be in interesting places, and have something interesting to say.

        If it’s not focused on you, and you want to capture nature videos, you might need to get more professional gear. Maybe a GoPro or something like that 😊


  4. Hi. Thanks for the walk in your woods. I wonder how it compares with our English woods here. A very belated thank you for signing up for my blog. I’m not sure if you’re still following, but I wanted to say ‘Hi’ anyway. I treasure our native woods here,and have written several posts about them. They are precious places to preserve. We’ve lost too many in past years.

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    1. Hi Richard — still following!

      The walk wasn’t through my woods this time. I was just visiting New England.

      I like to travel and hike around the US. There are a lot of great parks here, ranging from woods to deserts to beachside trails.

      All beautiful!


  5. Tinny Time says:

    Aw man I hope you made it out before dark! I’ve been in the woods in the dark a few times, most of the time being sort of lost. hahaha no fun!

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    1. I have a terrible sense of direction, but I tend to find my way around in the woods for some reason. I actually got out, and then went back in after this video lol. Still made it out of there before dark.

      Thanks for watching! ^_^

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