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Illustrating Privilege for the Willfully Ignorant

A few months ago, I published Why I Got Rid of All My Ostrich-Friends. In the article, I explained why I put as much distance as possible between myself and people who like to bury their heads in the sand.

One blogger read the post, and then commented that she often refrained from sharing her political opinions, because she didn’t want to offend others.

After encouraging her to share the opinions she felt were so controversial, she told me she did not believe that privilege was a legitimate issue, and that no race or ethnicity in the United States was at a disadvantage in comparison to others.

In our discussions, I reminded her that even when we set emotional biases regarding slavery aside, there is a section of society that has only been free and working and inheriting anything for about 200 years (ie African Americans). Meanwhile, almost all the others have been working, saving, and passing inheritance through their family line for thousands of years.

How does that not create an unequal starting place? And with segregation only ending in 1964, and the aftershocks still reverberating throughout society today, exactly where is this mystical equal playing field?

If you’re one of the many people in (and outside of) America, who somehow believes that we live, work, and play on an equal playing field, please watch the video below. If you don’t fall into this category, but know many willfully ignorant souls who do, please share and save them from themselves…

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