What Would Life be Like at Black Hogwarts?

Recently, Harry Potter fans had a lovely treat on Twitter, when #BlackHogwarts started to trend. No one knows who started it or why, but we’re sure glad they did. Once it took off, it soared!

As you can very well imagine, it was especially amazing for Black fans of Harry Potter, who were delighted to run into each other in the Twitterverse. As a proud Ravenclaw, I too joined the madness, to find my fellow housemates.

Naturally, there was some clique behaviour, and a bit of house rivalry, but more importantly, there was laughter. Check out some of the most hilarious speculations of what Hogwarts would be like, if it was predominantly Black.




I had just gotten some bad news when I stumbled across the hashtag. But once I started reading through the tweets, I laughed so hard, I almost felt guilty.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan like me (any Ravenclaws, in the house?!), I hope you get a good laugh out of  #BlackHogwarts, too.

Here’s the million-dollar question, though: would you attend? 🤔

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36 thoughts on “What Would Life be Like at Black Hogwarts?

    1. I thought I was a Griffindor, but the quiz I did put me in Ravenclaw. I guess that’s not very surprising. I’m an adventuress, but I’m also pretty bookish. I have 4 books in my bag right now… I graduated college in 2012. 😂

  1. I know nothing about Harry Potter. However, I did crack up over that picture of the pigeon with the caption that on scholarship he couldn’t afford an owl.

  2. I’m not a Harry potter fan so I must confess I’m totally lost here. I will say that I think #blackhogwarts is a fine idea and I’m glad it gave you a laugh when you needed one.

    1. Thanks, Cynthia. It was all about representation and finding each other. Blacks don’t exactly have a reputation for being bookish, in America, and Harry Potter books are pretty long!

      1. What no entrance exam? seriously…..
        I can do some basic card tricks, but I wouldn’t say I was a wizard 🙂

      2. Haha, the entrance “exam” is whether or not wizard genes have smiled upon thee. Hogwarts is in place to help wizards learn to control their powers. 😊

      3. Haha, it’s not one of those strange “exams” is it?, you know the type nobody knows what the examiner is looking for?

    1. Haha, I’m glad you got a good laugh out of it. And yes, Slytherins are like White Supremacists and Republicans all rolled into one. Really for remaining pure bloods, with a distaste for everyone else, and a traditionalist view. Dash supported both Romney and Trump. She’s one of those Blacks (mixed or no) that we would be happy to donate to the KKK, if they would take her.

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