5 Foods to Help You Fix that Sweet Tooth


From sodas to cereal, today’s college diet comes jam-packed with unhealthy levels of sugars, in the forms of corn syrup and carbs. Though these twoprobably represent the worst on the sugar hierarchy, consuming large amounts of sugar in any form,leads to increased risk of diabetes and weight gain; along with all the health problemsthey carry with them.

With riskslike these to everyone,it’s never been more important for even non-diabetics to monitor our sugar intake. This can be difficult, when sugar so frequently sneaks up in unexpected places, like fries, pasta, rice, and bread.

Thus, it’s important to not just eat less sugar, but also eat foods that help our bodies to metabolise it. To that end, here are five great recommendations from the experts.

1. Cinnamon


A study conducted by the Human Nutrition Research Center in Maryland showed that half a teaspoon of cinnamon each day increases the body’s sensitivity…

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  1. Alexis, this was right on time for me! The doc said I have to lose weight (to help lower my blood pressure) and lower my cholesterol. Sunshine is diabetic (type 2), has high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol. It’s been a beast trying to figure out what to feed us. I LOVE dark chocolate (milk chocolate is just so meh to me), almonds are my favorite nuts, and the both of us like cinnamon. Sadly, I’m allergic to citrus fruits, but I can buy them for sunshine😊

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