10 Mistakes I’VE Made at the Gym – that YOU Shouldn’t


People hit the gym all year round to tighten up, bulk up, or just to build endurance, and develop healthy habits. Maybe you’re preparing for a race later this year, or maybe you’re just slimming down in time for the upcoming fattening seasons: Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Whatever your reason for working out, there are many mistakes we make along our fitness journey. While we can’t avoid them all, here are ten mistakesI’ve made at the gym thatyoureally shouldn’t.

1. Forgetting to Bring Music

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Working out at the gym, especially when you’re working out solo, can be a real bore without music.Music helps to distract you from the momentary painand discomfort, while you push yourself; and helps toboost how much effort you put in. Music also lifts your mood, and keeps you moving.

2. Working out on an Empty Stomach

Some experts say if you want to lose…

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  1. mihrank says:

    great points to learn from….

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thinking Lycra looks good on everyone. Comparing your performance to someone 50 years younger. Working “through” the pain. Ignoring pain. Thinking you don’t need a trainer. Going in a haphazard way instead of scheduling it.💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

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    1. I think I’m guilty of working through the pain and ignoring the pain, but even more so on the trails.

      I don’t think I need a trainer. Some people at the gym think I’m one 😂 But I did have one for a bit in Jamaica, so maybe that set the foundation.

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      1. Elizabeth says:

        Well, you are young enough to get away with it. I think the troubles begin after 40. I think you did have a good foundation. I didn’t and really benefit from a trainer.


      2. I’m not 40, but I’ve had 4 heart conditions since birth to adulthood. I don’t have the health benefits of youth, trainer or no trainer. 😂

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      3. Elizabeth says:

        Way to go! Didn’t know that.

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  3. When I could go to the gym regularly I always ate a bit of carbs (couple pieces of toast) before I went, did my workout (including weights which I loved doing the most) then had a regular meal afterwards. And I always made sure I had my own water bottle or hit the water fountain often.

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    1. My pre-workout meal is usually a nutrition shake, fruits, or yoghurt. I try not to go overboard. If I’m going waaaay late in the evening, like last time, then I have my usual breakfast at noon. I’m not a morning person lol.

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  4. FanTC says:

    I’m a Taurus and tend to be, umm, physically lazy. I do yoga on and off (mostly off these days.) But my new job requires a lot of walking, usually at a clipped speed, and plenty of moderate lifting. I pay attention to my posture throughout the day, and can say I feel a whole lot more energetic (I get paid to workout! Hah!)

    I think a big thing is not to get down on oneself for slacking. I struggle with repetitive tasks especially if I feel I’m not making progress /fast enough/ or knowing I can lose it all if I don’t maintain. For those struggling to get and stay motivated, I say, “Tomorrow is a brand new day to start over fresh.”

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    1. I’m a Libra. We’re supposed to be on the lazy side as well, but I find that I am happiest when I am active, and frown a little less at my reflection in the mirror 😂

      I did skip the gym today for the first time in a while, but I plan to make up for it tomorrow. I think it’s good to have a routine and to stick to it. It’s too easy to say tomorrow is another day all week, and then never make it in.


      1. FanTC says:

        Oh, no doubts it makes me feel better! Our bodies were designed to move and flow and everything functions much better when we do. 😁

        Routines are good, and you had an excellent suggestion to keep music or watch television to distract from the monotony of working out.

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      2. You’re right about that. We’ve gotten too used to sitting and letting other people do all the work for us.

        I find that switching up my workout routine also keeps things interesting. Like last week, I went hiking twice, and did the gym once.

        Bringing company also helps, because neither person wants to disappoint the other. I usually either drag hubby, my dad, my mom, or someone from my PR firm.

        Otherwise, I go by myself. I like working out alone too. I get to spend extra time on the hydromassage chair afterwards, without feeling bad for keeping them waiting 😂


      3. FanTC says:

        Mmmm, hydromassage. That sounds amazing.

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      4. Oh yes, almost makes hubby obsolete. But we won’t tell him I said that. 😂 He’s still useful for opening the wine bottle, after all. 🤔

        I’m a black card member at Planet Fitness. I’m not sure if it’s routine for other gyms to have hydromassage chairs and beds, but I’m really glad they do!

        Are you a member of a gym?


      5. FanTC says:

        Weeeell, about that. My fiance bought me a tool which makes popping wine corks supah easy. 😉

        No, but I’m considering Planet Fitness even if just for their base rate. I just recently changed positions and made some career moves, so I’m focusing on finances right now.

        But I have a yoga mat at home and some YouTube routines I follow. I like doing yoga in private, so TODAY I’m starting again! 😂

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      6. Haha, hubby did the same. I would still rather use him. 😂😂😂

        Planet Fitness is a good option. I have the $20 membership and it’s worth it. You can use any of the PF gyms anywhere you go, and you get access to that beloved hydromassage bed or chair. The $10 membership you can only go to your home gym, and you can’t use the fancy chair.

        Home workouts don’t really do much for me. Not sure why, but 10x more results from the gym. Running, swimming and hiking help a great deal though.

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