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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Well I am part of a group of over 65 women who have two trainers and work out and trade astonishing new insanity about our president.(he doesn’t deserve a capital letter.)

    1. My goodness, when a retired English professor withholds a capital letter, you know it’s bad! Poor Mr. T. Life is very rough for him, indeed, but I daresay he’s caused it on himself.

      Your workout group sounds amazing. Sometimes I bring a friend, a coworker, my parents, or my husband — but most times I end up going alone. I don’t mind. I get to spend even longer on the hydro-massage chair, GUILT FREE — hahahaha!

      1. Elizabeth says:

        You have a massage chair at your gym. You wuss!!!

      2. A proud wuss! I used it today too 🙂

        BEST. THING. EVAR!

  2. Kelly MacKay says:

    Train well.

    1. I do my best! 🙂

  3. I’m struggling with this (doctor’s orders) so thank you for the tips

    1. What were the orders, if you don’t mind my asking?

      1. I don’t mind at all. Exercise at least an hour a day. There were dietary restrictions, too: no red meat, cut my carb intake. I had to continuously press them about the diet stuff, because we rely primarily on wild game for meat, so they said DON’T FRY IT (we don’t). Ultimately, I figured out that what I actually needed to do was eliminate junk food😞. I was still eating like a stagehand who could burn off mid-morning donuts long before lunch rolled around LOL
        The exercise, while seemingly simple, has proven difficult thanks to old injuries. Even beginners yoga has been problematic at times; same for walking.

      2. An hour every day?? My goodness! I do agree with the doc that red meat is bad for you, although in America, mercury makes fish not so healthy as well. How have you been getting on with all these new rules?

      3. Oh, it’s been a struggle. Im having to find things that I’ll actually WANT to eat, which has been challenging. It’s only been a few weeks of the actual effort to eat better so im still experimenting with snack foods (which is the hardest for me because I once lived on carbs and nicotine). Im finally discovering things I like to snack on that are good for me: roasted unsalted almonds, baby bell white cheddar snack cheeses, snap pea crisps, and some mozzarella cheese snacks that aren’t overly salty string cheese. It isn’t helping that I live so far from a grocery store that specializes in healthy stuff😞

        And I’m not doing an hour of official exercise daily, my fitness tracker says I’m walking almost 7 miles daily without ever leaving the property; so I’ve been doing 20-40 minutes of yoga every day I don’t work. On work days, my fitness tracker says I’m doin 10 miles (on our slow days) to 18 miles on bust days so I don’t do any additional exercise because I’m too tired.

      4. That’s a lot of moving around for sure. I don’t believe you need any more exercise. That seems to cover it.

        It can be pretty tough to find good replacement foods when your diet changes. But looks like you’ve been getting creative so far. I remember when I gave up red meat and chicken, and I had to find replacements. That was waaaay back in March of maybe 2004 or 2003.

  4. #6!!! It’s all about the music… and the rest too 😉

    1. The music definitely makes a difference!

      1. Until you lose yourself and begin to try and dance on the treadmill or sing too loud LOL

      2. Lol. Ain’t nothing wrong with that! 😂

      3. Ummmm I know you’ve seen some of those HAM videos on Youtube when treadmilling goes wrong 😉

      4. Oh yes, including the guy who fell off after staring at some hot girl walking by 😂

      5. Big brother and sister and anything in between is watching and recording us!

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