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Solo RV Travel | Valentine’s Day With Samson

In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, I asked my tweeps to chime in on ideas of how Samson and I could celebrate. Most people recommended some detailing work or fancy upgrades. Ultimately, I decided to take Samson out onto the sand dunes. It was my first time. I was as surprised by how well he took on the dunes as I was by how unpredictable the truck became.

In the video, you can see the car whipping left to right. That wasn’t intentional. Apparently, sand has a mind of its own when you get going. Every time I tried to go straight ahead, the truck either went straight left or straight right. At one point, I just narrowly escaped hitting one of those big bushes that break off and become tumbleweeds.

I’ve since reached out to two friends with Jeeps for advice on how to improve stability — and, of course, how to do donuts in the sand dunes! One promised to take me out onto the dunes near his home in Southern California, so I’m penciling that into my calendar before I head back into Nevada.

For the record, Samson also got a thorough interior clean-up on Valentine’s Day. Me? Not give my FJ Bae a good rub down on our special day? What kind of Valentine would I be?!

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