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California Llamas | Do Llamas Really Spit on People or Are They Just Misunderstood Little Boogers?

If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you might have met Buddy before in the comments section. Chances are, you might even already follow his blog. He mostly shares snippets of his life in rural California on a working llama ranch. He does not often specifically state he owns llamas, but one day, he let it slip.

He was sharing that he just caught the first rattlesnakes of the summer season and that they had been close to the llama pens. This immediately caught my attention. I’ve been harassing him to let me pet the llamas since I’ve been in Atlanta, Georgia. Naturally, my llama-petting harassment didn’t stop when I drove my RV across America to California.

Still, I was surprised when Buddy invited me to see the llamas get shorn for the summer. There was no way I was missing that opportunity.

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