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RV Travel Vlog | How I Use My FJ Cruiser To Tow My Portable Sewer Tank

When I bought my RV, the original owners had a portable tote and recommended that I get one for better boondocking capabilities. When I was staying at the Red Rock Campground in Nevada, I decided it was a good idea to get one for the trip. It was, but what I had to figure out the hard way was how to lift and dump it once it was full. I have a 28-gallon portable tank and it weighs roughly 240 lbs when full.

So, I decided to get creative and tow it to the dump station. I’ve never seen anyone else do this and I can’t recommend it because the tires on these things are not meant for road use. Nevertheless, this is how I empty my too-heavy portable tote, so I don’t need to break camp to empty my tanks.

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