The Non-Fictional Tale of My Adventures

In 2014, I turned down several opportunities to leave Jamaica, travel, and see the world. After saying no to what might have been an amazing experience in Australia, and then Germany, and then London… I promised myself that for 2015, my New Years’ Resolution was to take risks.

Adventures and Misadventures

This decision catapulted me into the adventure of a lifetime. I became more involved in charities and volunteer work in Jamaica and met travellers from around the world who inspired me to chase my dreams.

In June 2015, I quit my corporate job in payroll. I also gave up my apartment, adopted my pets out to family and friends, and packed my life into three suitcases and a laptop bag.

After a month of being a nomad in Jamaica, I came to America for my routine summer vacation. That trip took me through Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia.

Four years later—I’m still here! I’ve now been to 24 of America’s 50 states and 8 countries.

My Career

Like everyone else, my triumphs have been sprinkled with my own fair share of failure and frustration. Even so, each step has taken me closer and closer to my goals. I turned my hobby into a thriving business and published my debut novel on Halloween in 2018.

The Adventure Continues

If you think this is the part where I tell you I’ve settled down to regular adult life—think again. I’m working on another novel, while I prep for a cross-country move, so I can build a tiny house in the desert.

This blog documents my adventures and all the lessons I’ve learned as a Jamaican expatriate in America. Stick around for the tales of trials and triumphs.

You won’t be disappointed.

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819 thoughts on “The Non-Fictional Tale of My Adventures

  1. Wowie! You are so brave! Congrats on stepping out in the unknown and being successful to boot. Was totally impressed … maybe because you’ve been able to do something I’ve always wanted to do but am still very much afraid of doing. Good going and keep the courage; you awesomely rock 🙂

    1. I read a lot of blogs for years about people taking this chance and making it work for them, before I tried it myself. Don’t give up on that dream. You’ll get there! Thanks again!

  2. Hi Alex! Thank you for liking my post on female sanitary products :-). I had a look at your blog and really like the social commentary section. Peace.

    1. Hi! Thank you! I took a risk and it worked out for me somehow.

      You know people are reading your blog by checking the stats section of your wordpress if that’s the platform you’re using. It shows you how many visitors, how many views, and where they’re from.

      Promoting your blog on social media is also a great way to boost views.

  3. Lovely that you have decided to take risks. If you ever get to Western Australia make sure you go looking for gold in our huge deserts. People die trying to find it every year. It’s a survival challenge you must do.
    Regards Paul ( Cool Cat Ralfe ) And keep it up, your MOJO will grow too

    1. Yes, it worked out in the long run. I actually do want to go to Australia but I’ll skip on the desert. Too many dangerous snakes and not enough water!

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