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Freelancing has been a long-standing passion of mine for roughly 11 years. I have freelanced not only as a writer, but as a social media manager, community manager, executive assistant, content manager, college tutor, and foreign language tutor (English).

Today, I mostly work as a content strategist, which covers all areas of curating, creating, researching, writing, editing, and sharing content across a variety of platforms. I have also created more than half a dozen websites for myself and clients, and still regularly contribute to five, including this one.


My aim is to build a small, steady clientele based on repeat business. For this reason, I only accept a small amount of offers each week, so that I can focus on not just completing assignments, but doing so to the best of my ability.

Before the end of 2016, however, I will incorporate and expand my writing and freelance business to take on more clients, while maintaining a hands-on approach to working with clients, meeting deadlines, and satisfying each client’s needs.

Check out my portfolio and resume to see my qualifications and the work I produce. You can also see a handful of the clients and publications I’ve work with, and what the cost is like.


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