History & Vision


Entrepreneurship has been a long-standing passion of mine for roughly twelve years. I have completed assignments as not just a writer, but as a social media marketer, executive assistant, content manager, college tutor, and foreign language tutor (English).

Today, I mostly work as a publicist and content strategist, which covers all areas of curating, creating, researching, writing, editing, and sharing content across a variety of platforms. Of all the work I do, however, I think building websites is my most favourite. I have built roughly 2 dozen websites over the past decade.


At the end of 2016, I incorporated and expanded my business as Alexis Chateau PR to take on more clients, while maintaining a hands-on approach to working with clients, meeting deadlines, and satisfying each client’s individual needs. Since then, I have worked primarily with non-profits, independent authors, and small or micro businesses.

My ultimate goal is to become the PR and marketing firm of choice for small brands looking for sustainable ways to grow from small fry to big kahuna on a limited budget. I have no interest in working with large clients.