My Résumé

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Alexis Chateau


Education & Qualifications

American Payroll Association (2015)
Certified Payroll Professional (CPP)

University of Technology, JA (2008 – 2012)
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
                  Major: Human Resource Management
                 Minor: International Business

Montego Bay Community College (2006 – 2008)
Associate Degree Program in the Humanities & Liberal Arts

Business & Writing Experience

Founder & Managing Partner at Alexis Chateau PR (2006 – present)

  • Creating written and photographic content for multiple websites; as well as, managing related social media accounts, which account for 90% of their website traffic.
  • Creating press releases, website copy, and original articles in a variety of areas, such as, health, fitness, manufacturing, art, real estate, relationships, traveling, and entertainment.
  • Writing product reviews for clients, detailing features such as physical appearance, technical specifications, and resale value.
  • Improving the readability of articles by eliminating the passive voice, correcting typos, reducing the overuse of linking verbs, and removing unnecessary jargon.
  • Creating detailed business plans for entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations in a variety of fields; including cyber security, retail, and home development.
  • Editing written interview answers conducted between clients and journalists for online publishing.
  • Assisting with the writing of grants and drafting of budgets to obtain funding from government bodies and agencies.
  • Petitioning as an activist on behalf of clients, who support causes like animal welfare, social equality, and women’s issues.
  • Single-handedly managing bookkeeping, basic accounting, and data entry to track income and expenditure streams.
  • Providing consultation to start-up clients to assist with business planning, market positioning and strategy.
  • Improving search engine optimization for clients looking to make their brand and content more accessible online.
  • Managing and recruiting a talented workforce to assist with campaigns, client projects, and business operations.

Senior Content Strategist at Godigio LLC (2016 – present)

  • Ensuring proper data management by securing and encrypting documents related to personal information, and company log-ins.
  • Assisting with creating accounting, payroll, and budgeting documents for submission to investors and for future use within the company.
  • Unifying all social media accounts across a variety of platforms to represent one brand, serving one purpose. Platforms include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+.
  • Creating entertainment and lifestyle content for publication on the company’s new, upcoming website.
  • Leading Godigio’s goodwill strategies to support social equality, health and fitness, and environmentalist causes.
  • Providing creative direction behind the promotional content for investors and for future use on the company’s website in the form of blog posts, advertisements, and videos.
  • Creating and managing the Godigio Blog single-handedly; including design, content management and creation, hiring of writers, and connecting with partners.
  • Assisting with the design and website copy of the Godigio website to improve accessibility, flow, and entertainment content.
  • Improving search engine optimization for Godigio on major search engines, like Google.
  • Liaising with the CEO, President, Board Members, and other key executives to complete any task related to content creation, social media, marketing, creative direction, and corporate planning, as they arise.
  • Accompanying the President and CEO on site visits to potential office space locations.

Virtual Assistant to Jose Barajas (2015 – 2016)

  • Created three business plans for the client’s consulting company, non-profit organization, and his website; which documented vision, marketing opportunities, and financial goals.
  • Assisted with the legal and financial requirements of creating a non-profit organization, and obtaining tax exemption from the IRS.
  • Provided industry research on various locations prior to international travel.
  • Assisted with launching the clients’ new website, which included creating a domain name, providing hosting platform options, setting up purchase of domain, selecting website theme, and managing content.

Payroll Tax Analyst at ACS, a Xerox Company (2013 – 2015)

  • Communicated with public and private Tax Collection Agencies in 12 American states to resolve tax notices and alleviate tax penalties and interest in a timely manner.
  • Assisted the Arizona team with balancing tax figures to ensure accuracy when the Jamaican team filed tax returns.
  • Filed the monthly, quarterly and annual payroll taxes for over 40 Third Party Client subsidiaries.
  • Successfully executed the payroll tax reconciliations and funding requests for two large clients; roughly equalling US $145,000,000 in taxes per month.
  • Trained and monitored new-hires on day-to-day, monthly, quarterly, and annual tax-related tasks.
  • Assisted the Total Quality Manager and IT team with automating the reconciliation process to reduce the time spent on this task by roughly 50%.

Special Achievements

  • Graduated with First Class Honours and the highest GPA for HRM class 2011/2012
  • Received the Dot Personnel Services Award for outstanding academic HRM performance

Memberships in Professional and Academic Organizations

  • Member of the International Association of Professional Writers & Editors (IAPWE)
  • Former President of the Human Resource Management Student Association of Jamaica (HRMSAJ)
  • Former Vice President of the Human Resource Management Business Seminar for 2011/2012
    • Overseer for the Finance, Logistics and Research teams assembled.

Special Skills

  • Small-scale social media guru
  • Typing Speed – 70 wpm
  • Content writing, editing, and marketing
  • Learning Spanish
  • Conducting and doing write-ups for research
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Empower and Citrix.
  • Former Photoshop Guru
  • Certified Payroll Professional (American)