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The Moreau Witches [Paperback]

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Blessed with the power of foresight and healing, the noblewomen of the Moreau Matriarchy have been called witches for generations. From the city of London to the countryside in France, they are as feared as they are revered.

The youngest of the Moreau line is Madeleine, a brilliant scholar who believes in logic and science. Unfortunately for the wealthy heiress, she has inherited her grandmother’s clairvoyance: a gift she views as a curse. But, when she foresees her mother’s death at her father’s hands, it is the one vision she cannot ignore.

This book catapulted me into reading so many others, looking for that good feeling I got from reading yours. It was so well written! I absolutely love it. You are a genius.

Monique Forgie-Scott, National Library of Jamaica


The story was beautifully written. The rich history, the love, the friendships, the sacrifices, and the mystery of the family’s magic engrossed in The Moreau Witches has me wanting to read it over and over again!

 — Ann AnateurAuthor


The growth between the short story series online and this novel is amazing.  The introduction with the black abyss was gripping. One of the questions I had from the original short story was what happened to make Basile the way he is and the novel supplies a good answer to that question.Denae CalmesAuthor

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