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Book Reading of The Moreau Witches at the HELLIUM Halloween Event on October 31st

The Moreau Witches by Alexis Chateau

On October 31st, I celebrated the Halloween Release of The Moreau Witches by doing a book-reading at the HELLIUM event at the Healium Center in East Atlanta Village. There were many family, friends, and fans who lamented not being able to make it, so I shot a half-decent recording of the reading to share.

I only read the prologue, so if you would much rather read the prologue for yourself, you can find that here.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Interested in Purchasing the Book?

It is also available on my website for just $3.99. The print version of the novel is in the works and should be ready—fingers crossed!—by Thanksgiving.

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