Book Reading of The Moreau Witches at the HELLIUM Halloween Event on October 31st

The Moreau Witches by Alexis Chateau

On October 31st, I celebrated the Halloween Release of The Moreau Witches by doing a book-reading at the HELLIUM event at the Healium Center in East Atlanta Village. There were many family, friends, and fans who lamented not being able to make it, so I shot a half-decent recording of the reading to share.

I only read the prologue, so if you would much rather read the prologue for yourself, you can find that here.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Interested in Purchasing the Book?

It is also available on my website for just $3.99. The print version of the novel is in the works and should be ready—fingers crossed!—by Thanksgiving.

10 thoughts on “Book Reading of The Moreau Witches at the HELLIUM Halloween Event on October 31st

  1. Nice to hear your voice, Alexis. I hope the reading session went well. It sounds like a great start to the story and well written. Now that we are returning to the UK and will have wifi, I’ll try and download book. All the best. 👍❤

    1. It went really well. Some people really seemed to struggle with the questions about Europe and the West Indies. I was really surprised as I had picked the easiest ones possible. 👀

      That’s great! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. 😄

      1. I expect the American Education system doesn’t dwell much on European History/Culture. I admit I haven’t watched all of the video as we were travelling and I was on my mobile data allowance. Tomorrow I hope to catch up with things on wifi. Busy day today. Have a great weekend. You’ve earned it. 👍❤

      2. It doesn’t. It mostly just covers American history. Seems a little ridiculous considering that Americans owe their roots to the other side of the big pond.

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