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Travel Vlog | Exploring California Border Lands

I spent the last Southern California lockdown on Quechan land. This Indian Reservation borders Mexico, Arizona, and a small town in Imperial County. Unlike most of my non-Native neighbours, I respected the lockdown and stayed put until early January, when I had to head up to Vegas to complete my residency paperwork. I would have stayed longer, but after the Capitol Insurrection, my family and friends expressed concerns about one of my neighbours and I ultimately decided to leave.

Almost everything you see in the video below, I did the day before I left. As a reminder, my only travel companions are Shadow (my cat) and Samson (my FJ Cruiser), so you won’t see any daring mountain climbing or crazy offroading. Nevertheless, I had fun — and I hope you have fun watching. If the video below doesn’t work for you, use this link.

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