Travel Vlog | Exploring California Border Lands

I spent the last Southern California lockdown on Quechan land. This Indian Reservation borders Mexico, Arizona, and a small town in Imperial County. Unlike most of my non-Native neighbours, I respected the lockdown and stayed put until early January, when I had to head up to Vegas to complete my residency paperwork. I would have stayed longer, but after the Capitol Insurrection, my family and friends expressed concerns about one of my neighbours and I ultimately decided to leave.

Almost everything you see in the video below, I did the day before I left. As a reminder, my only travel companions are Shadow (my cat) and Samson (my FJ Cruiser), so you won’t see any daring mountain climbing or crazy offroading. Nevertheless, I had fun — and I hope you have fun watching. If the video below doesn’t work for you, use this link.

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14 thoughts on “Travel Vlog | Exploring California Border Lands

    1. Thank you! I was trying to set a creepy vibe for the beginning….and then lighten it up by the end.

    1. Thank you! I’m yet to get comfy being in front of the camera, but I think I’m making progress! 😅

      If you ever make it down to that side of California, I highly recommend driving along Ogilby road!

      1. Health. I was ill while we travelled and it helped it immensely, but when my husband’s health began to fail we couldn’t continue – everything depended on him. Thanks for asking.

      2. I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve seen a few couples on the road who are starting to get ill. It’s not just the elderly. It can happen to anyone, including people like me with heart conditions. After the pandemic, a lot of RVers were cautioning newcomers to have an exit strategy. It gives me a little piece of mind to know if I quit, I have a contingency plan at hand. I know I would feel disappointed though.

        I hope you guys still get out and enjoy the outdoors. It’s a bad year to be cooped up inside! 😆

      3. Thanks Alexis. We settled in small town with lots of history and many nature trails. My camera still works, so I am more than content.

      4. Sounds like you’re living the life! Just a different journey than intended. 🙃

    1. The dryness is part of what makes it so beautiful! I find I do my best thinking in the desert. 🙃

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