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4 Ways to Work some Exercise into a Busy Schedule

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It’s a well-known fact that Americans are becoming more and more obese with each passing year. In fact, virtually the whole world is.

Even Jamaica is currently struggling with obesity, especially in women. I know, I just killed every fantasy you had of Jamaican women with bikini bodies.

We can blame it on genetics all we want, but ultimately those hips and that muffin top are our responsibility to trim down to a healthy size.

This can prove difficult in a tough economy, where many people work long hours and two jobs. Even so, here are four ways to work some exercise into your busy schedule.

 1. Take the Stairs

Some companies lock the staircase off for emergencies only, but when you have the option to take the stairs, go for it. The escalator and elevator may save you some time and convenience, but it will cost you in medical bills and a few years off your life later on.

The recommended daily step-count for adults is 10,000. Install a pedometer app on your phone to see where you rank, and track your progress.

2. Bike to Work or the Store

They say you never forget to ride a bike, and most of us did a lot of riding as kids and in our teens. If you’ve never ridden a bike before, then it’s not too late to learn.

Biking to work and other nearby locations helps you burn calories, and tone your legs and butt. It also helps to improve cardiovascular health, while burning fat.

3. Sign up for Charity Runs and Walks

No one is too busy to give back to their community, or a cause. If you really want to make a difference, you’ll find a way. One easy way is to sign up for charity walks or runs.

Most companies sponsor an event like this at least once per year; whether for the goodwill, the amazing advertising opportunities, or both. Training with employees will build a sense of teamwork, while you burn those calories, and build your stamina.

4. Go Hiking

From the outside, hiking looks boring. You go into the woods, you walk, and walk, and walk, and then you go home. Who really wants to do that? Millions of people around the world every day, apparently.

Once you get into it, walking on hiking trails becomes not just a form of exercise for you and the dog, but a great place to clear your mind and appreciate life outside the hustle and bustle of the city.

In fact, even big cities have trails and parks nearby. You just need to find them.

Finding time to exercise and stay fit when work and family obligations play tug of war with our time can be difficult. But with these tips, you’re sure to get in a few extra steps or even a 5KM run, to help take you one step closer to your fitness goals.

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