Guess Who’s Going Camping! Any Advice?

Two months ago, I shared that I was camping for the first time, this year. I plan to attend Kinnection Campout music festival, where sleeping bags and tents are inevitable. I also mentioned that to reduce the likelihood of embarassing myself at the festival, I would be taking a few camping trips prior to that festival….

Why you Should Vacation in Groups

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As cultures around the world adopt more?individualistic values, even travel has become a solo activity. For the seasoned traveler with a steady income or great buildup of savings, this might make perfect sense. But for most college students, and others with a limited income, traveling in groups provides a wealth…

Why Birth Control is a College Woman’s Best Friend

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The best time to get involved in planned parenthood is the time of your life when you least expect or want to be a parent. Why? Because by failing to plan not to have children, you open yourself up to the possibility, whether you’re ready or not. Of course, there are many women…

10 Mistakes I’VE Made at the Gym – that YOU Shouldn’t

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People hit the gym all year round to tighten up, bulk up, or just to build endurance, and develop healthy habits. Maybe you’re preparing for a race later this year, or maybe you’re just slimming down in time for the upcoming fattening seasons: Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whatever your reason for…