The Non-Fictional Tale of My Adventures

In 2014, I turned down several opportunities to leave Jamaica, travel, and see the world. After saying no to what might have been an amazing experience in Australia, Germany, and then London … I promised myself that for 2015, my New Year’s Resolution was to take risks.

Adventures and Misadventures

This decision catapulted me into the adventure of a lifetime.

In June 2015, I quit my corporate job in payroll and packed my life into three suitcases and a laptop bag to enjoy nomad life in Jamaica. I then traveled to the U.S., and ― after a grueling, years-long process ― became a naturalized citizen.

In 2020, I bought an FJ Cruiser and a travel trailer. I then traveled across Mexico and the American Desert Southwest with my cat in the middle of a global pandemic.

My Debut Novel

Like everyone else, my triumphs have been sprinkled with my fair share of failure and frustration. Even so, each step has taken me closer and closer to my goals. I turned my hobby into a thriving business and published my debut novel on Halloween in 2018. I’m currently in the revision stages of a second novel.

The Adventure Continues

This blog documents my adventures and all the lessons I’ve learned as a Jamaican in America. Stick around for the tales of trials and triumphs.

You won’t be disappointed.

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825 thoughts on “The Non-Fictional Tale of My Adventures

  1. Alexis, we met while camping in Nevada by Echo lake. I have purchased you book The Moreau Witches and to tell you the truth I couldn’t put it down. You are a wonderful writer amd held my interest though out this wonderful novel.. Thank you and please continue to write

    1. Hi! Wow! I’m so happy you remembered me, bought my book and took the time to let me know you enjoyed it. I am currently working on another and I hope you will like this one as much when it comes out.

      Also, if you could leave me a review on Amazon or wherever you bought the book, that would be so helpful.

      Thanks again! You really made my day! ☺️

    1. I’m sure they enjoyed the journey 🙂

      My hope is that I’ll also find somewhere worth settling, but I don’t want a traditional house. I’ll have to find somewhere that lets me build what I have in mind. 😅

    1. Thank you! ☺️ I’m a social sciences grad so a part of it is just ingrained in me, I think. Picking it apart and trying to understand it better.

      1. This is fascinating…✌
        I wish there are many others like you who could understand something from another view of perspective…🤔

      2. I think there are a lot of us out there. Maybe just not all are writers. 😅

      1. Yeah, that’s true! I was reading your story about traveling it’s really amazing! For you traveling is in the blood!!! My niece who is in her last year college in Uganda and she doing journalism, she has similar interests like you, i hope one time I will bring her here and fulfill her dream too. Thank you for taking your time to write back to me!

      2. Thank you! Travelling and exploring in general has been a part of my upbringing, so it would be tough to get rid of that as an adult. All the best to you and your niece!!

      3. Hi there! Sorry to hear you’re in the same situation. I flew on Spirit but it shouldn’t make a difference. Book your flight and assert your rights when you get there. Make sure you have an ID that is up-to-date though, like a driver’s license.

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