Fevers and Friends

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If not good, my weekend was at the very least eventful, which is good enough for me. My friends and I just completed a 24-hour road trip, exploring one end of Jamaica to the next.

I started the day off with that trip to the beach, but it rained like hell, so my friend and I decided to enjoy the beach house, rather than be struck by lightning outside.


A few hours later, I was on an impromptu trip to Glistening waters in Falmouth, Trelawney with another friend. There, we went out on a boat in the dead of night to see the glowing fish in the water, which gave the place its name.

Then, we started off for Ocho Rios. By then, it was late and few restaurants were open, so we ate at the Jerk Center. The food was horrible, and we didn’t get a refund.

After that, it was off to Ocean Sands “hotel”. The service was bad, the staff wasn’t very bright and the quality of the rooms were poor, but the beach was gorgeous. It was enough for a road trip. This was no corporate business trip for a CEO. Just 8 friends, 3 cars, and a budget!


By morning, I woke up with a hell of a fever and zero appetite, but that didn’t stop us. We lazed about the beach at the hotel for a bit, then checked out and went to a river called Blue Hole. The water was freezing, and the stones were slippery.

So of course, on my way down from a short hike up the waterfall, I slipped on a muddy rock, fell and sprained my wrist. That’s what I get for hiking with no breakfast and a fever – it was totally worth it!

After Blue Hole, we had Japanese and then headed into the capital city. We broke down twice on the road, because it was super hot and my friend hadn’t thought it prudent enough to bring water and/or coolant for the radiator. Thankfully, we drove convoy style, so we had help and made it without a hitch.

This morning, the fever seems to have gone, and I’m all dressed and ready to head to my favourite coffee shop for lunch.

My only regret this weekend is that I didn’t take more (and better) pictures…


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