An Ant in Arabia


Very few things annoy me as much as being told, Other people have it worse off than you. I will never understand how that is supposed to make anyone feel better, because invariably, Other people have it much better off than you, too.

Another pet-peeve is people saying You’re so lucky when someone achieves something they worked their butt off for, or made great sacrifices to obtain.

You’re so lucky you get to travel. No, I sacrificed my privacy, my pets, my full time job, a steady income, a bit of comfort, and a lot of items of sentimental value that I had acquired over the years, so I could travel.

I can travel because I took risks!

Yesterday, while hiking at the Arabia Mountain PATH, there was continuous and playful use of the word “struggle”. And like a living metaphor from the art gods, I saw this tiny ant, struggling to move the butterfly wing by himself. It’s also the first time I successfully took a macro shot after multiple failed attempts these past few weeks – one struggle, overcome!

But long after I had gone home, it got me thinking about other struggles – human struggles.

Life is a struggle, no matter how easy other people’s lives may look from the outside. No one has it all. You win some and you lose some. But sometimes we become so daunted by the possibility of losing that we stop struggling to win! We become complacent and lazy and accept the hand we’ve been dealt.

Well, if ever you should feel that way, remember this little ant and the tiny butterfly wing. That was his struggle. I’m not sure if he made it home with his prize, but that’s a part of his journey through his little ant-life, and your struggles are a part of your own journey as well.

Take a chance.
Win a few and lose a few.
But whatever you do… make them count.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Klara Hoss says:

    Thanks for your brief but very wise post and your encouragement.
    Every one of us need it.
    You are right, sometimes we need to copy animals.


    1. You’re welcome. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you were encouraged by my post. We all need a boost sometimes.


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