Big World. Tiny People. (Cloudland Canyon Park)

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I know it sounds like it, but this is not a post about ‘little people’ – I promise.

Instead, I wanted to share the stark reminder I got last week of how much like tiny dots we are when faced with the majesty of Nature – and the world at large. As countries become more globally interlinked, and we enjoy more freedom of travel and movement, it doesn’t always feel that way.

But last week, when I visited Cloudland Canyon, I felt it.

Of all the trails I’ve hiked, this was the first time I felt like my life was truly in danger, and I enjoyed every moment of it. It reminded me of just how much power Nature wields over our everyday lives, whether we acknowledge it or not.

When I got home, and I got the chance to go over all the amazing pictures I had taken, it further impressed upon me just how much we are like tiny dots trampling through the canyon – juxtaposed against a mighty waterfall, and a roaring river stampeding under the bridge.


I hope you guys all had a Happy New Years’ night. May all your resolutions come true!

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4 thoughts on “Big World. Tiny People. (Cloudland Canyon Park)

  1. I like all your pictures. Were those all from one day hike!
    Honestly I’m a bit stressed and procrastinating, so didn’t read the entire post. I got to the “peaceful protest.” I did however look at all the photos!
    Thanks I needed that and the reminder to get out too.
    Yvette 🙂

    1. Hey Yvette – good to see you drop by. Thanks, I took all of them on that one day hike. It was quite a bit. I literally came home with about a hundred pics. I’m glad you felt inspired to get out there and hike again! 🙂

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