Good Friends are Better than Pocket Money

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In an earlier post, I shared a Jamaican mantra which should ring true no matter where you are and where you’re from. It essentially states,

Good friends are better than pocket money.

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A Special Reminder

Recently, I received a special reminder of just how very true this is, and how important it is to remember this when making decisions about the people we connect with in our everyday lives, and the roles we allow them to play.

The people we make memories with every day not only affect who we are as individuals, but who we become in the days, months, and years to come.

The Test

So how do you know which of the friends, family members, and partners in your life are the good friends which trump pocket money every time?

Well it’s easy really.

When the going gets tough, and you start scrambling through pebbles and over boulders at rock bottom; when you’re struggling at you’re worst, and people start to disappear… who’s still there? Who are the people who seek to understand and assist? And who are the people who turn tail and bail?

It’s as simple as that.

A Beacon of Light

While I spent the past while re-evaluating friendships and connections, and making new priorities in my life, I also spent time encouraging other friends who were going through a tough time. Life isn’t always about our problems and our perspective. And there is no better way to find happiness than to be a positive influence in someone else’s life.

As a result, I encouraged my friend (and client) to finally articulate her thoughts into her first blog post on a site I had built for her months ago. What she sent for me to edit were words that inspired me far more than she will ever know.

Not only did it put my own problems into perspective, but my praising of her work provided just the encouragement and help she needed to move forward.

This is how we help our friends out of rock bottom. This is how we respond to loved ones in their worst moments, when all else seems beyond help. I encourage you to read her story here; it may be exactly what you needed to get you through the week, as well.

To top off her inspiring words, another amazingly selfless friend took me on a hiking trip today to help me clear my head, air my thoughts, and enjoy the fresh air and springtime flowers. This was in spite of spending the past few months battling his own demons; far greater than my own. Selfless.

When you find friends like these, never take them for granted. Always aim to be a beacon of light in their lives, as they have been in yours in your darkest hours. There is no greater thanks.

Check out the pictures from our hiking trip through Lullwater Park today.


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6 thoughts on “Good Friends are Better than Pocket Money

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  2. The title alone was worth the visit, and then the article and pictures were cherries on top. What a cool shot of that hanging bridge. Makes me wanna learn how to teleport so I could be there live!

  3. There are few things as wonderful as people you know you can count on, no matter what. I’m not particularly bright or talented, but I’ve been blessed in regards to having a team that has always had my back, through thick and thin. I wouldn’t be nearly as far along in life, or as healthy (or alive) as I am were it not for them.

    1. I don’t agree with you not being particularly bright or talented, but I can agree with you on the rest, as I have had the same experience. Without my “team” I would not have gone to college, moved here, or been able to tackle freelance writing. We can’t do everything on our own in life and it’s great to know we have people we can count on.

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