The KKK Stole my Articles – But Oh Well…

While working on my blog last week, I noticed a curious little detail in my traffic referral stats. Three visitors had been forwarded to my blog from a website called the White Alliance Nationalists.

As a Black Caribbean woman who writes extensively on issues related to race and social equality, you can imagine the confusion I experienced in that instant.

“Oh great,” I thought jokingly. “The KKK finally has me on their hit-list.”

Curious to know the truth, I followed the referral link, which took me to my own ‘author’ page on a KKK website. There, I found that two of my articles about my trip to Vans Warped Tour had been copied word for word and republished. They had even given me full credit for my work.


Along with my Chasing Dreams @ Vans Warped Tour post, the site also used the Godigio Goes to Vans Warped Tour article that I wrote for a client.

KKK Loves Punk Bands?

On further investigation, I realised that my articles just happened to cover particular topics they needed content on at the time, and apparently they had seen fit to use my work without my permission.

The articles were just two of many other articles about popular punk rock bands like Blink 182 and Sum 41. There were also other posts about Vans Warped Tour – possibly also stolen.

But what amused me more than anything was how readers must have reacted to seeing my Black face plastered on their screen, while reading about their favourite bands. They had re-used all my original pictures from the article, including the following:

Confusion Rising

But seeing my pictures included in the post also confused me. Someone had taken deliberate pains to ensure they appeared exactly where they had in my original articles.

What confused me even more is that as an interracial couple, nothing should have infuriated the ‘White Alliance’ even more. Why? Because interracial couples ‘dirty’ the bloodline of the Aryan race. They much prefer when us Blacks are dirty all by ourselves.

And if I was doubting their racist message, I only needed to check other articles and the merchandise they sold to tell me otherwise. There were sales on confederate flags, and a strong endorsement of Donald Trump so he would keep out the immigrants that were “threatening” the advancement of the Aryan race.

To Report or not to Report

As this was a fellow WordPress site, I considered taking action, not because of their overt racism, but because they had republished my articles without my permission.

Reblogging an article is one thing. Countless WordPress users have re-published my articles over the past year, and I’m flattered every single time they do. In fact, feel free to reblog this one, as well!

But just copying and pasting it is a whole other thing entirely, even if they were ‘kind’ enough to give me credit for my work.

Thus, my greatest concern was how copied content would affect my SEO ranking with Google. Google despises plagiarism and usually penalises both parties for the act, not just the plagiariser – or so I’ve read.

I’m so paranoid about that that I don’t even share my own articles between my three websites. Ever.

A Lesson in Tolerance?

But the more I thought about it, the more I decided there was perhaps some benefit to leaving my Black face plastered on their website. After all, I’m not the one who put it there.

It would force many a racist to confront the fact that they did, after all, have something in common with me, and that immigrants and minorities are just something they’ll have to live with.

In addition to that, I didn’t think any good could come from tackling a racist organisation over the rights of my own articles.

The Conspiracy Theories

After sharing the incident and my decision with family and friends, they agreed it was best to leave well enough alone, and we laughed together that someone must have messed up, and can expect to be fired (or worse) real soon.

There’s just no way in hell it’s okay in their organisation to post the articles and pictures of a Black person in a celebratory, rather than derogatory light.

Maybe they got hacked, and maybe they used an automated program and didn’t even realise their mistake. But whether from negligence or some odd attempt at tolerance, a KKK website was definitely the last place I expected to see my articles pop up.

What do YOU think caused my articles to show up on their website? Share your ‘conspiracy theories’ in the comments below. Kudos if you got the tongue-in-cheek significance of the featured image!

*I did not add a hyperlink back to their website because I’d rather not [a] further their agenda with website traffic [b] let them boost their SEO-ranking by linking them to my blog, or [c] lead them  back to this specific article. 

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47 thoughts on “The KKK Stole my Articles – But Oh Well…

  1. You know, I heard mutterings last year that certain leaders within the KKK were trying to accept black members of their “organization” claiming that the KKK wasn’t about race and they were completely misunderstood. Maybe they’re trying to bring you into the fold? (RUN!!!)

    1. Hahahahahaha. Seriously?? They couldn’t pay me enough for that. The KKK’s current motive may very well be warped by their terrible past. Who knows? But until there’s concrete evidence to the contrary, I’d rather believe what we already know: that it’s a racist organisation that terrorises minorities, and establishments it despises.

      1. Agreed, when my friends were talking about it last year (I think there was even an article) I just couldn’t believe it. I only thought, “it’s a trap!”

      2. I remember seeing an article about a Black guy that was a member of a chapter, but that was too bizarre to be true in my mind.

        He was a part of their racist agenda though. He openly admitted that he was Black, fine, but he still didn’t like Black people – if the story was true anyway.

        It did have pictures and everything. This was a few years back.

      3. That just baffles me. I understand that a lot of self hate is perpetuated in society and media for (in particular) black people from the tone of skin to the texture of hair. However; even with that, I wonder what pushes someone to hate themselves so much that they’d join a hate group that is blatantly directed at their own ethnicity? Even further, does this mean that this man hated his own mother, father, family, etc. because they’re black too? I wonder, if this man had/has children, how he’d feel if a member of his chapter called his son/daughter the “N” word, or something worse? I just can’t fathom it.

  2. That’s scary, I would sure freak out, but leaving them be is a wise decision. Makes you the mature one here, however if it does happen again😬😬😬😬Report them sharply, that means its intentional. Lol.

    1. Thanks Mary. Yes, if it does happen again, that would be even more suspicious. It did freak me out a little, which is why I decided not to tackle them. I don’t see how that would have positive outcomes for me.

  3. I couldn’t help but laugh at this, and I am so very impressed withbthw highbroad you have taken. It would be interesting to find out how it happened andcwhat their readers think about it. If you change one oerson’s bigoted ideas it would be great. Bravo. I so enjoy your writing.

    1. Haha. I laughed while writing it myself. And thank you. I always look forward to your comments.

      They disabled the comments on the website so unfortunately I’ll never know what their readers think, but I think that also worsens their predicament, as no one can tell them they messed up.

      Thanks again!

  4. I’m not too sure about how your article showed up on their website, but I do understand why you chose not to report it. Sometimes you have to make a choice not to stoop down to other people’s level

    1. I’m still trying to figure that one out too. Who knows how they messed up with that one?

      But yes, I don’t see the point of tackling them over the articles, either.

      Theoretically all signs point to yes, but in reality it’s just not a practical option. Not for me, anyway.

  5. I think you did right. The difference between ignorance and the wise…someone will see those photos and someone who maybe on the fence of whether or not racism is right may look at your photos, look at your post or begin to follow you may see that, “maybe we’re not so different.” They may have a change of heart – pictures are worth a thousand words.

    1. Thank you! That was my hope. There are many whose parents forced them into it because it’s the family business, so to speak. It just might put them on a different path, like you said.

  6. Madness, in a way I had to laugh when I ready through this ,this is an obvious mistake someone has made. I say leave it also, don’t follow it up it it would be quite funny to be a fly on the wall to see the reaction of the KKK supporters or supporters of this website to click your articles and see as you say ” your black face” plastered all over their screens LOL. They probably jump up from their chairs and chuck the lap top at the wall thinking they might catch something if they click on the article any more or die from something toxic if they ” inhale” via reading a black person’s work.. the thought of it actually does make me chuckle a bit. Teach them a lesson about stealing content. ”More fool them” as my mum would say!

    1. Haha. I would have loved to see their reaction as well.

      I want to say it’s an oversight but I just can’t see how they missed the pictures. I’m thinking they must be using some automated prgram to steal articles, if that’s the case. And since they disabled the comments, no one can warn them. It’s hilarious.

      More fool them, indeed.

  7. They total copied and pasted and I’d report them. Totally different than clicking the “reblog” button. Super ironic but as a writer, I’d take them down for stealing your content without permission.

    1. Yup, that’s what they did. Just copy and paste, even the images.

      I totally get where you’re coming from, but I’m taking one for the team this time around. I’m pretty sure sooner or later they’ll notice the gross oversight and take it down.

      1. I’ve been trying to comment on your blog for the longest. The WordPress app doesn’t seem to like whatever setup you have going on, especially with the comments lol

        But congrats on the big news. I had no idea! All the best, love!

  8. Hahahahahaha! The irony of this is beyond hilarious! Xp Great for you that you found something positive in it all though. I wonder (if they haven’t notice which seems impossible) how long it will take for them to notice?

    Great post! ^_^

    1. LoL. I cracked up over it too. Someone must have noticed since it brought them back to my page and the two articles were on their home page for a while. But maybe the big guys haven’t seen it yet. Comments are disabled so that makes it even worse.

      Thanks for reading!

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