How I Spent a Day without Immigrants

In January, I kicked the year off with a list of five awesome destinations I wanted to visit before the end of 2017. But within a week, I was penning a totally different article, entitled I Cancelled my Travel Plans Due to the Executive Order.

Despite being labelled a “Muslim ban”, even US-born American citizens were affected by the order. Just last week, a verified story made its rounds online of a US-born NASA scientist who was detained after his trip to Chile.

America was upset. People marched. People protested at airports. Half an hour before 2.16.2017, a friend reminded me about an immigrant boycott scheduled for that day, and asked if I planned to participate.

Half an hour later, I was scheduled to take a vacation day for the first time in 18 months. Yes, you read that right – EIGHTEEN. So how did I spend this vacation day?

1. Cat Naps


He’s not dead – I promise you. This is what a successful kitten with an executive job looks like, when he hears he gets a day off from work to do nothing at all.

We slept in that morning for sure, and took yet another nap later that day. There is nothing sweeter than the sheets when you know you legitimately cannot adult for 24 hours.

2. Wine & Cheesecake


I bought an entire cheesecake the week before, so I made a meal of it that day. There’s only half of the cake left and I am not ashamed. It was worth every calorie!

Shadow also had his first taste of cheesecake – just a smidgen to lick off my fingers. I fear I’ve created a monster. He gobbled up that smidgen like it was a three course meal!

He washed his share down with some water, and I washed mine down with two glasses of sauvignon blanc.

3. Video Games

Alexis Chateau - The Sims.jpg

A day off is always a great time to catch up on video games, so I turned to my old love, The Sims. I purchased a new expansion pack a few weeks ago, and was glad for the opportunity to get lost in playing. It’s been a while. Unfortunately, one of my Sims died in the process.

4. Binge-watching Netflix

Shadow the Pr Cat Lord of the Rings.jpg

I have a hard time sitting through a movie, or TV show. Ten minutes in and I’m ready to Google the show and read the plot. That’s enough TV adventure for me! But… what’s a vacation at home without some TV time?

So Shadow and I caught up on a series I used to watch, called Penny Dreadful. We plopped down on our Lord of the Rings throne, and we made it all the way to the season finale!

It really sucks that this show was cancelled. If you haven’t seen it yet, and don’t mind some gore and explicit content, it’s a must-watch!

5. Jamaican Hangout

Alexis Chateau - Jamaican Round Robin.jpg

As if we didn’t drink enough wine earlier… we closed out the night by attending a Jamaican get-together put on by one of our clients – I.S. Enterprise. We had great food, old-school reggae, and drinks on the house.

I had more fun than I expected to, and was glad I talked Johnson into coming along with me. His background is Haitian, but he always has a good time getting into the mix with us Jamaicans.

It was a great reminder of the beauty of diversity at the firm and in the world at large. We’re always learning from each other, and always willing to try something new from each other’s culture.

I can only hope the Administration and the people who gave them power, gained some appreciation for diversity during A Day without Immigrants. After all, even the President seems to prefer his women foreign.

If they missed the message, well… I had my first day off in a year and a half. I’d say that counts for something. 

Did any of you participate in the protest? Maybe you know someone who did? How did you spend your Day Without Immigrants?

50 thoughts on “How I Spent a Day without Immigrants

  1. Since you had to cancel so many wonderful plans I’m glad you really made the most of your day. Just for myself I spent the day doing some research on what we wouldn’t have if immigration had been shut off at various times, especially immigration by groups often deemed undesirable. It’s quite a long list.

    1. Thank you, Angela! That sounds like some very useful bit of research you did there. I did something similar at some point last year when the xenophobic sentiment hit a peak here. Are you planning on writing an article about it soon?

      1. I probably will. Doesn’t really fit with my personal blog but I’ll find the right venue.

    1. LoL. Well, excuse me for being a LEGAL immigrant and wanting to support a positive movement that affects me.

      There is no reason one cause should come at the expense of another. I have written many pieces for big publishing agencies supporting the Flint cause in Michigan.

      But of course, you only came by to presume, assume, and troll. So by all means, you carry on.

    1. Well his wife isn’t Muslim, and it isn’t just Muslim immigrants he views as threats. Mexicans are also “undesirable” in America, to him. What does he have against immigrants in general? No idea. What does he have against Muslims? He views them as potential terrorists.

  2. I saw the movie “Lion” about an adopted young man from India searching for his roots in India. Reminder we have roots all over the world, but America is our home and nothing will change even our present insane “emperor with no clothes”

    1. That sounds like a great show to be watching that day. I’m not really sure what triggered this hatred of immigrants in a country only a few hundred years old. I hope we get pass this soon.

      1. Historically, there has been anti-immigrant feelings for most of the country’s history when talking about anyone but the immigrants’ own group. The English against the Irish against the Portuguese against the Chinese against the Japanese(interned!)against the Mexicans against the Italians against the Greeks(in no particular chronological order.) It’s kind of been “close the door after you come in.”

      2. You have a point there. I can’t imagine what would trigger that kind of reaction here though. It’s the total opposite back home. If anything, our expats and immigrants get special treatment.

        The one immigrant group I would say Jamaicans were mad about was when Jamaica took in Haitian refugees. Jamaicans were upset because the govt refused to give civil workers raises, and we didn’t have any real social security benefits in place. We don’t have disability and all that in Jamaica. You’re on your own.

        But when the Haitians came in, the govt gave them food, shelter, and even money to spend. Many poor Jamaicans saw that as a betrayal, and I can’t say I blame them. But the anger was never at the Haitians. It was at the govt for not doing the same for them, too.

  3. I read a book “The Return” about a man returning to Libya hoping to find his father who had been imprisoned for many years for his role in the revolution.

  4. Sounds like you had a great day. ‘Tis is good!
    As far as immi-participation goes… um… no.
    I suddenly find myself craving some cheesecake though 😉

    1. I did have an awesome day. I should take a day off more often. It just never happens. I always end up working at some point.

      I just had two slices of cheesecake. 😂

      1. You just had to bring up the cheesecake again… Didn’t You! I have a feeling I’m gonna be going around stores today saying “Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting cheesecake… huh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh” Thank you and enjoy your day 😉

    1. Ah. So you did participate. A lot of people were fired for participating in the US. Amazing how many companies are so insensitive to their employees’ causes and concerns.

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