20 Totally Relatable #BlackWomenAtWork Tweets

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Earlier this week, I logged into the company’s Twitter account to see madness on our timeline. Apparently, a Fox News anchor and the White House spokesman made some disparaging remarks about congresswoman Maxine Waters, and a reporter by the name of April Ryan.

The end result was an online protest where Black women tweeted under the hashtag #BlackWomenAtWork. I re-posted many of the tweets via the company account, and added our own voice to the clamour. I then compiled a list of the 20 most relatable posts.

Whether you’re a White woman, Black man, or an immigrant, these are scenarios we can all relate to as fellow second-class citizens and residents around the world.


1. Where’s the Guy Who Wrote the Code?


2. You Can’t be Manager. But You can Train Them.

3. Use What You’ve Got Sister!

4. WoW! So Well-Spoken!

5. You? Really!

6. Hansel, Gretel & Scapegoat

7. Where’s the Manager???

8. Umm… Where Is Becky with the ‘Good Hair’?

9. I Just Love your Work!


10. So Unprofessional.

11. Help Can’t Park Here!

12. You Own the Firm??

13. Too Sassy!

14. You’re Fired!

15. Can’t Congratulate You. Sorry. Not Sorry.

16. Kinky Locks – Too Naughty for Corporate

17. Code for Safe Negress.

18. Can’t Hire you with Natural Hair.

19. You’re So Funny…


20. Kiss A$$ – Or Get Out

What are some of the discriminating experiences you have witnessed or suffered in the workplace? It doesn’t matter what colour, creed, or gender we are – we’ve all had them. How did you respond? And what advice do you have for others going through the same experience.


PS: After completing this list, I noticed one hell of a coincidence. Just before the madness started on Twitter, here is the social media post Alexis Chateau PR sent out for the day. The tweet was scheduled a month ago, so this is beyond funny to me. You might as well call me Miss Cleo!

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