Rewarding you for Referrals

When I first started out in 2006, virtually all my business came from referrals. And I’m honoured to see colleagues and clients following that same path, more than a decade later. In fact, I’d like to reward all of you who continue to refer me, for all the hard work!

5% of Sales

This year, I’m repaying you with 5% of all income received from the clients you refer to me. This repayment will continue for the entire duration of that client’s work relationship with Alexis Chateau PR, even if you part ways with the firm.

So how does it work??

The Process

There’s no formal sales process involved. You don’t need a special link or code on your website; you don’t need to tackle long signup forms on ours; and you definitely don’t need to be an existing client.

Simply spread the word, in person, on social media… however you choose! And don’t forget to take the credit.

Remind the person you refer to mention your name, and be sure to send me a follow-up email, so I know to keep an eye out for them.

We’ll take it from there.

What about payment? Easy!

Getting Paid!

If they decide to come on-board, I’ll contact you for your PayPal information to submit payment.

Still have questions?

Feel free to shoot me an email at any time with your queries or suggestions.

And I certainly wouldn’t complain if you just happened to forward this on to your network of colleagues and friends…

Thanks in advance!


Alexis Chateau
Founder & Managing Director
Alexis Chateau PR, LLC




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