Alexis in California PT 2: Failed Snorkeling Attempt at Torrey Pines Beach

On July 4th, we escaped the overcrowded beaches to hike Torrey Pines Nature Reserve. As a tropical island girl, a desert overlooking the ocean was a brand new experience. But what was even more special about Torrey Pines was the fact that it had its own beach trail, and of course, the beach itself.

Torrey Pines Beach ran along the same stretch as the overcrowded area we had passed before, but access was easiest through the trails, and not many people were up to the task.

Thankfully, we were!

Easy Trekking

2 Torrey Pines Beach Trail.jpg

The trail down to the beach was much like the rest of Torrey Pines, except that it was downhill, rockier, and sandier.

I was glad for the easier trek, as the sun rose higher in the sky. But, the whole way down I kept speculating about how hard it was going to be to work our way back up from the beach.

3 Torrey Pines Rocks.jpg

Along the way, we came across this educational bit about coastal bluffs, and how the waves beat them into nonexistence over time. It’s almost impossible to think that those massive bluffs are just shrinking away, day after day.

2 Torrey Pines Coastal Bluffs.jpg

The Beach

4 Torrey Pines Beach Entrance.jpg

I was quickly cheered up by the sight of the beach. If you’re an island or beach town native, who moved away from the sea, and sees it after a long stretch, then you know the excitement I felt.

5 Torrey Pines Beach Descent.jpg

Much as I would have loved to run off and go splashing into the water though, the trail’s design put a pause on my plans. Yes, that is as winding and dangerous as it looks. It’s sandy, so there’s not enough friction; and it’s steep.

We wisely went down sideways.

6 Torrey Pines Beach

Then, it was time to make a run for it. I was the first one in. Naturally. I’d done my research and knew the water would be chilly, so I was surprised I was able to brave the cold.

Bad Idea..

9 Torrey Pines Beach.jpg

But I hadn’t shown up just to look at the water, or go a-splashing. I wanted to snorkel! 

Back in Atlanta, I had spent two weeks deliberating about what to bring on my trip, and I’m not talking about shoes and dresses. I’m talking about a decision between my snorkeling gear, or my laptop.

In eleven years, I have never traveled without a laptop. Not one time. Not ever. I’m a writer, and this writer types everything. I would go mad. But, since July officially makes it 2 consecutive years since I’ve been in America, I hadn’t been snorkeling in a while, either. I used to go snorkeling every weekend.

So, I borrowed Shadow’s laptop – a Tablet with a bluetooth keyboard – left him with my laptop, and took the snorkeling gear!

16 Alexis Chateau Snorkeling San Diego.jpg

And off I went like a true adventuress, into the deep blue sea!

15 Alexis Chateau Snorkeling California.jpg

And you know what? It spat me out without a second thought in just a few minutes. I should have known better. The water was much too choppy for a successful snorkeling expedition.

12 Alexis Chateau Torrey Pines Beach.jpg

I brought the gear back and went back in to brave the water a third time. We had hiked much too far, in too great a heat, for me not to make the best of it.

13 Alexis Chateau Torrey Pines Beach.jpg

All Beached Out

10 Ericson Quero Pisces Tattoo.jpg

In due time, we had our fill of the icy water, and found other ways of amusing ourselves – like photobombing Ericson’s awesome Pisces-tattoo pic…

17 Torrey Pines Beach Alexis Chateau Ericson Quero

…watching a couple show off their strength and flexibility…

4 Torrey Pines Beach Yoga Couple.jpg

…and photobombing Ericson again – or more like sneaking up on him and taking a selfie, while he tried to put his earrings back in.


Of course, in true millennial fashion, we also took a group selfie to immortalize the moment.

T3 Torrey Pines Beach Tristan Obryan Ericson Quero Alexis Chateau.jpg

Time to Go

By then, we were starving, and ready to get packed, and start our trek back up to the top of the bluffs.


Just as I had expected, it was not an easy walk back up. But it was a good end to a great day. The beach trail, and the beach itself, was the absolute best part of hiking to Torrey Pines.

19 Torrey Pines Staircase.jpg

If you ever make it out to San Diego, California, Torrey Pines Nature Reserve is not a place you want to miss – especially the beach trail.

Stuffing Our Faces

Once hunger seeped in, patience slid out the window. I’m pesco-vegetarian, Tristan loves his meat, and Ericson loves a good mix of both. After calling up his family, we took their recommendation to try out fish tacos, and ended up at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos.

We had never heard of the chain before, and the place didn’t look like much. But my goodness was the food good, and the staff were so friendly – especially, considering the fact that we had them working on a public holiday.

I got the salmon bonzai bowl pictured below under the cashier’s recommendation. Probably in the top 10 most delicious meals I’ve ever had.

Heading Home

Well fed and all tired out from our hike, we were ready to head back to the house and relax. But not for too long. The following morning we had to be up bright and early to volunteer at the Oceanside Beach Cleanup.

But that’s a story for another post. For a sneak-peek, you can check out our company press release on the event, here. Stay tuned for more! We’ll pick this up – same time, next week!

Alexis Chateau Black Cat

My trip to California was sponsored by Alexis Chateau PR and booked by our in-house travel agents. Is there a country or city you’ve always dreamed of seeing with your own eyes? Then stop dreaming, and start traveling.

Email us for details!


34 thoughts on “Alexis in California PT 2: Failed Snorkeling Attempt at Torrey Pines Beach

  1. Sorry you had to learn about CA water the hard way – the water is cold, and we never found a really good place to snorkel. There are really great tide pools though, especially around Newport Beach. I used to take my bio courses down there to see all the salt water life!

    1. Oh, my successful snorkeling trip is coming! I went snorkeling in La Jolla.

      The water was ridiculously cold. But I had read about that, so I had a bit of a headsup. I never went to Newport Beach. Is that also in San Diego?

      1. My daughter and her husband lived there for four years – it has lots and lots of places to go and things to see and do, but the traffic is horrendous. When we visited there three years ago, we spent hours in the car driving from one place to another. Food is great – lots of good restaurants – stores galore (do take a look at Rodeo Drive!) and the Getty Art Museum is fabulous. The Santa Monica pier is a lot of fun but crowded.

      2. Is the traffic as bad as New York? Atlanta is currently getting out of hand. So many people are moving here, and the infrastructure is struggling to keep up.

        I would love to see LA, but not sure I’d spend too long there. I’m not the biggest fan of big cities. I love to be closest to the hiking trails. Do you know if there were any good ones there? I heard the hike up to the Hollywood sign is good.

      3. Traffic in LA is worse than Atlanta! The trail to the Hollywood sign is closed now – I recall reading that somewhere. I’m sorry I don’t know about other trails. We hiked in the mountains, but it was so long ago, I’ve forgotten where.

  2. Oftentimes, the tiniest and least ostentatious places have the most unimaginably good food😍

    Now I really want to go watch the waves March into the beach, never the same sea twice

    1. You’re right. I should really try to find out where the nearest one to me is. Wahoo’s is a chain.

      What’s stopping you from going to the beach? 🙂

      1. We’re currently in the middle of building our little house, and we’re doing it without a mortgage. Which means all spare cash is being thrown at the build instead of trips to the beach. Hopefully, a trip to the beach will be our reward when it’s done😊

      1. I’m just a very nervous flyer! But making great improvements. I had a period of time after I went to the USA when I felt like I could do any flight, but then had a bad one from Rome that put me back to square one. I definitely want to get back to where I was! 🙂

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