Hiking Up Amicalola Falls

Amicalola Falls has been pretty high on my list of Georgia trails for about a year. So when John asked me if I could take time off to hike it with him, I cancelled work for the day to take the trip.

I was not disappointed.

1 Entrance to Amicalola Falls.jpg

Teasing Waterfall

2 Amicalola Falls.jpg

Once we had our map, El Capitan and I headed off into the woods. This early on in the trail, we mostly saw small streams just trickling by. We tried to take a few pictures, but the lighting was not on our side.

Reflection Pools

8 Amicalola Falls Reflection Pools.jpg

We then made a quick stop at the Reflection Pools; a brief respite before we tackled the uphill trail that awaited us. There wasn’t much to see besides the still water, and two men fishing, so we were soon on our way again.

The Climb to the Steps

12 Amicalola Falls.jpg

It was all uphill after that. I hadn’t hiked a trail that steep since hiking up Lone Mountain in Vegas, last spring. Thankfully, the river to our left gave us plenty of opportunities excuses to stop and take pictures.

The higher we climbed, the brighter the sun seemed to get.

14 Amicalola Falls.jpg

Step It Up

16 Amicalola Falls Steps Strenuous.jpg

Eventually, we reached the ten-million steps it would take to get to the top of the waterfall. This was the first 175 steps, but there are 604 steps in total. Not surprisingly, at 729 feet, Amicalola Falls is the tallest cascading waterfall in the South.

17 Amicalola Falls Halfway Up.jpg

But if I said it wasn’t worth it, I would be lying. I’ve seen a lot of waterfalls in my time – even climbed up a few, and fell down one – but I have never seen anything as majestic as Amicalola Falls.

It was almost impossible to fit the entire thing into one frame. I probably should have tried a vertical panoramic shot, but I didn’t think of that at the time.

Sadly Mistaken

25 Alexis Chateau John Amicalola Falls.jpg

Thinking we were already at the top and didn’t have much further to go, John and I stopped for a selfie.

23 Alexis Chateau Amicalola Falls

Boy, were we wrong! We had even more climbing to do, to get to the bridge over the waterfall. The view wasn’t as phenomenal as down below; but worth seeing, nonetheless.

22 Top of Amicalola Falls.jpg

All Downhill

The rest of our hike was downhill after that – only literally, this time. It was rugged and rocky, with a few brief respites of actual dirt. I probably should have taken a picture or two, but let’s be honest: after a view like this, nothing else really matters.

26 Amicalola Falls.jpg

Where have your hiking and photography adventures taken you to, lately? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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44 thoughts on “Hiking Up Amicalola Falls

  1. Great journalism, beautiful capture cascading waterfalls and trails.As well as beauty you two are sharing together!! Happiness and blessings your way.

  2. I love Amicalola. I’ve been there several times. It never gets old. But boy do I hate stairs after only a little while. 😊
    Have you ever been to Tulluah Gorge or Cloudland Canyon? I think you’d enjoy both of those too.

    1. Hey Angie! I’m not surprised.

      I messaged you a few months back on twitter asking if you’d like to go hiking or something, but it probably got lost in your endless stream 😄

      I haven’t done Tulluah, but the travel agents at my firm have and they are currently not allowed to mention it to me. They beat me to Amicalola too, and weren’t allowed to bring that up either until I got there

      Basically, while we were testing the services, they booked their trips and did not tell me they were going, nor did they invite me. I found out when they got back. Naturally, our work relationship has never been the same since. So much resentment in me! 😂

      Cloudland Canyon is amazing. I did that one in January 2016. I really felt like a tiny person in that big space. Also the only canyon I’ve been to not completely made of rock, so far.

      1. Oh. Sucks that I missed it. Yeah, I don’t get to hike near enough. I’d love to go hiking with you sometime. I used to live in Blue Ridge, so I used to hike almost every weekend. Lots of trails to explore. Now I barely ever go. 🙁
        I would be very ticked off at my coworkers. That was very rude of them.
        I’d love to get together sometime. I’m out of shape but I’ll try not to slow you down too bad.
        Have you ever been to Allatoona falls? It’s not far from my house but I’ve never made it. I took the wrong trail last time I tried so I just ended up walking around the bike trails at Old Rope Mill.

      2. I’m sure you won’t slow me down. I stop to take pictures, so there will be plenty of breaks along the way!

        I’ve never been to Allatoona Falls. We’ll have to plan an excursion soon.

        Do you go hiking often in the fall and winter?

      1. Not too very much. It does make me miss Georgia. Alpharetta looks nothing like it did when I was a kid; thank heaven not all of Georgia’s beauty has been ruined by shopping centers, condos, and mixed use developments

      2. Oh, one of the things I love about Georgia is how little of nature is disturbed. You see it when you’re flying overhead. They don’t remove a single tree that isn’t necessary 😂

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