What Would Life be Like at Black Hogwarts?

Recently, Harry Potter fans had a lovely treat on Twitter, when #BlackHogwarts started to trend. No one knows who started it or why, but we’re sure glad they did. Once it took off, it soared!

As you can very well imagine, it was especially amazing for Black fans of Harry Potter, who were delighted to run into each other in the Twitterverse. As a proud Ravenclaw, I too joined the madness, to find my fellow housemates.

Naturally, there was some clique behaviour, and a bit of house rivalry, but more importantly, there was laughter. Check out some of the most hilarious speculations of what Hogwarts would be like, if it was predominantly Black.




I had just gotten some bad news when I stumbled across the hashtag. But once I started reading through the tweets, I laughed so hard, I almost felt guilty.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan like me (any Ravenclaws, in the house?!), I hope you get a good laugh out of  #BlackHogwarts, too.

Here’s the million-dollar question, though: would you attend? 🤔

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    1. Haha, everyone seems to love that pigeon one haha. In the book, Ron was too poor for an owl, so he had a rat. I think Neville had a frog, but he wasn’t poor, just weird. 😂

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