Attending Kinnection Campout, May 17-20 2018

In Revisiting Savannah, I mentioned that I finally found a travel buddy in my neck of the woods. I’ve taken a few day-trips with my friend John, like when we hiked Amicalola Falls. But Winston is the only one so far whose schedule lines up well enough with mine to go out-of-state.

That means I’ll be able to piggyback on some of the trips he has planned for this year. And boy, does he have some good ones! One that I’ll be attending with him and his friends is the Kinnection Campout, which will be held in Tennessee on May 17th to the 20th.

I shelled out $170 for the ticket, and already started stocking up on gear, as I’ve never been camping before. Every time I’ve ever planned on going, my friends cancelled at the last minute. This time, I got nearly two hundred bucks that says we’re going — or else! 😂If any of you plan to attend this festival, let me know. I’d love to meet you guys there.

We’re also planning some smaller camping trips for when the weather finally gets better, so I’m not completely hopeless in May. This is sure to be disastrously funny at my expense, but I’ll be blogging all about it.

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25 thoughts on “Attending Kinnection Campout, May 17-20 2018

  1. Good for you! You are going to love it! Before buying our motorhome, most of our holidays were camping, baby and all, as was our honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands. Many of those were also at music festivals, including Glastonbury, the biggest music festival in the world. You can’t beat them. Enjoy!

    1. You brought the baby camping? Wow! You’ve got to write a post on that. If you already have, shoot me a link!

      I’m really looking forward to the experience and Winston and his friends are such amazing company. I’m so glad I met them. 😄

      1. Our son was only 4 months old when we took him to his first music festival at lovely Trowbridge in Wiltshire, southern England, and came with us wherever we went. These festivals are family orientated and have lots of entertainment for kids of all ages. We continued having family camping holidays until he was 16. He loved it. Now he goes with his mates: he is 24. I didn’t have a blog then as they didn’t exist!!! 😂

      2. I had no idea you had a 24 year old. I always thought your son was grade school age!

        That’s amazing that they had those family festivals. I went to a few as a kid with my parents, but none ever included camping. Camping isn’t really a thing in Jamaica, I would say.

      3. Really? I’m not sure it’s like that in the US. Most campers I know use motor homes, or like my husband does, blows up an air mattress in his tent lol. Zero survival skills. 😂😂😂

  2. I’m so happy for you! Camping can be a wonderfully freeing experience, as the only schedules you need to conform to are the sun’s and your body’s. But if you’re going to be at a festival then I expect there will be planned events that you’ll be encouraged to show up to at certain times. Anyway, I’m not going to lie; not everyone enjoys camping equally. It also can be uncomfortable, and it usually involves getting dirty to some degree. So don’t feel like you’re “doing it wrong” if you don’t have some sort of dramatic epiphany.

    1. Haha, I’m not worried about getting dirty at all. I suspect the most difficult thing I’ll find is not having a comfy potty that flushes. Everything else, I’m looking forward to: sleeping on the ground, eating food cooked over an open fire, etc. If I run into a snake though, that’s it. I’m dead 😂

      We’re going camping before May, so those are the trips where it might be like you said: no schedule to obey but the sun. We’ll probably do a camping trip at Tallulah in March.

      We’ll see!

      1. I have; my family camped fairly frequently when I was little and I love it. Plus I grew up in the Smoky Mtn area so when I saw that’s where you’re going I got really excited! Ha. It’s so beautiful up there; I’m looking forward to seeing your photos!

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