Congrats to Vanessa, Food in Books: Winner of The Moreau Witches Mini-Contest

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I am thrilled to announce that Vanessa, the blogger behind Food in Books, is the winner of my mini-contest for The Moreau Witches.

When I first published the short story series on my blog, not only was Vanessa one of its earliest supporters, but also one of the first to start pushing me to turn the series into a novel. Additionally, she was the very first person to submit her entry to the contest. With all this stacked in her favour, it seems only fitting that she should win.

As her blog name suggests, Vanessa is a lover of food and books, and pairs book reviews with recipes on her blog. I must admit, I’m curious to know what meal The Moreau Witches book will be paired with when it’s finally released. Will it be something Haitian? Or something from France? 🤔

Vanessa is available for meal planning, catering, and takes blog recommendations at

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5 thoughts on “Congrats to Vanessa, Food in Books: Winner of The Moreau Witches Mini-Contest

  1. Woo hoo! I’m so excited! Thank you so much. And I am so psyched about my Moreau witches getting a long-length book, and particularly, the no-doubt exotic food they’ll be eating and that I get to blog about.

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