The Moreau Witches, A Novel: The Nightmare Zone Selected for Book Artwork

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On April 11th 2018, I mentioned that the book cover designer for The Moreau Witches had been selected, but declined to name who I had the honour of working with. The reason for that was simple: I had not yet made my first payment, which to me, signifies the real beginning of a work relationship.

That has since changed, allowing me to announce that Marina Aivazian, the Founder of The Nightmare Zone, has been charged with bringing Lady Madeleine Moreau to life for the cover of my novel. Thus far, I have received the first draft, second, and final — and was floored by every new step that put Madeleine in colour before me.

Hopefully you will not find me too wicked, but while I hope I have piqued your interest, you will have to wait for the book cover reveal to see Madeleine in her full glory. My Beta Readers, however, will see the first draft on the cover of their Beta Copies. Indeed, some have already seen it.

The book cover design was originally proposed to Alyssa, my graphic designer at Alexis Chateau PR and black CATastrophy, but she has not done illustration work for years, and I wanted as realistic a rendition as possible. I have not been disappointed, and when the time comes for you to see it, I hope you won’t be either.

In the meantime, here are a few other pieces of Marina’s from her Instagram page, which I stalked for months before reaching out to her. I’m sure once you take a look, it will come as no surprise why her work caught my eye.

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MTV and Nostalgia🙈🙉 #fanartsunday #daria

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For ongoing updates, check out the #MoreauWitches hash tag on Twitter, where I often tweet in real-time, while working on the novel.

UPDATE: Get the published novel on Amazon!


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    1. Thank you. She does amazing work, and is an absolute pleasure to work with!

    1. Thanks George! I wouldn’t reply to a comment with an email haha. Will keep you guys updated. 😊

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