Day 4 in Colorado: Iron Mountain Hot Springs

After three days of running wild in the Colorado and Utah desert, it was time for me to head back to Atlanta, so I see Our Last Night perform live the following evening. Even so, we managed to stuff one last adventure into our day; we drove two hours north to visit the Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

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We originally found the brochure at the hotel, the night before, when we were contemplating what low-energy attraction we should do before my flight. When this popped up for just $20, we knew it was a trip worth taking.

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The drive to Iron Mountain was a beautiful one, but I was writing for most of it and didn’t take a lot of pictures until on the way back. As with most places we visited, the drive there did take us by the Colorado River. I’ll share pictures from the drive later on, but for now, check out the view.

Needless to say, we were pretty high up, and still had a bit of a way to go, but before long, we were pulling into the parking lot of Iron Mountain Hot Springs for a day of warm soaking and relaxation. Here’s the view from the outside.

Checking in didn’t take very long, and towels were only about $2 or $3 a piece. The changing rooms were large enough, clean, and had assigned lockers. We changed quickly and then headed out to the springs to soak.

Naturally, we didn’t bring our phones out to soak with us, but I did get a few quick pictures before we left. As you can see, the springs were more like heated hot tubs. They were enriched with various minerals and kept at different temperatures. There was a family side where kids were allowed, and then an adult side, for people like us, who could use the peace and quiet.

The view was absolutely spectacular. The pictures don’t do it justice.

7 View From Iron Mountain Springs.jpg

Since I had a flight to catch, we only got about 45 minutes of soaking in, before it was time to head back. Here are the pictures of the drive to Grand Junction, as promised.

This is one of those experiences you have to savour for yourself, so if you’re ever in Colorado and have $20 to spare, I highly recommend those hot springs. And no, we did not receive payments or perks to give them an honourable mention.

0.5 Alexis Chateau Iron Mountain Hot Springs Colorado


Thanks for coming along with me on our spring trip out west. Next week, I’ll share photos and videos from that concert I was so eager to see!


18 thoughts on “Day 4 in Colorado: Iron Mountain Hot Springs

  1. Alexis, would they let me leave my kids on the family side and my husband and I could stay on the adult side? 🙂 But seriously, I’ve never been to any hot springs. Great photos, and it looks like you had some good relaxing at the end of the trip.

  2. Your mountain photos don’t faze me. Ja has the Blue Mountains. :p Haha, I’m kidding (not really). Anyway, thanks for sharing your travels with us! I’ve been enjoying them. If I’m ever in Colorado (who knows where life may blow me one day), I’ll stop by the hot springs!

    1. You really should! It was amazing. We’re planning on going back, but not sure when.

      I’ve never been to the Blue Mountains, outside of living there. Never got to enjoy the recreational side of it. 🙁

      1. Whenever you get the chance to visit, please go! Take the Blue Mountain peak hike at 2am so you can reach for sunrise! It’s the most stunning view of my life, seeing Kingston’s light twinkling up against the pitch black then the sunrise itself. By the journey down, its bright out so you get to admire all the plants and possibly birds you missed on the way up. I can’t wait to get the chance to go again. The temp was awful though, not to mention the afterburn since the paths were steadily uphill. Slight deterrents though 🙃

      2. That does sound amazing, although I doubt I will ever think of Kingston as beautiful. Is there a Portland side I can hike? I much prefer that 😂

      3. LOL wow, rude! 🤣 The peak is in Portland though and most of the trail will take you through St. Thomas and Portland. And technically, the trail begins in St. Andrew, not Kingston. :p St. Andrew has lots of beautiful rural bits, many of which I’ve not yet explored. Gotta defend my beautiful parish! How dare you 🤣

      4. All true, but overlooking Kingston in the morning when I can look over Portland and the beach? Nope haha. I’m a stereotypical island girl, and Kingston always felt like it wasn’t on an island. No beach. 😝

      5. But.. but.. you can see the sea in Kingston 😭😭 Port Royal, Bull Bay, Downtown, hmph! But haha I think I understand what you mean. I spent 2 weeks in Priory/St. Ann’s Bay before and loved being able to see the sea to the north and mountains to the south everyday. Beautiful! I wouldn’t mind relocating to a coastal town.

      6. You can see it, but… would you go in there? 😂 Portland is very beautiful, just kinda middle of nowhere. Montego Bay is real island culture, to me. My social life revolved almost entirely around the beach. We ate at restaurants by the beach, went to clubs on the beach, had a VIP membership for Doctors Cave Beach, and my gym overlooked the sea. I even saw the sea on my way to work, and was about 15 minutes walk from it. None of that in Kingston lol

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