Our Last Night in Atlanta, Selective Hearing Tour

In February, I shared the good news that I bought tickets to see Our Last Night perform in Atlanta. Many of you may remember them from my Vans Warped tour posts last year, where I dubbed them The Best Performers on the Atlanta Leg of Vans Warped Tour 2017a title they clearly approved of!

Naturally, I was only too excited to see them perform again. I bought my tickets from December of last year, after it sold out the first time. It would sell out twice more, making them the first band to sell out the Heaven hall at the Masquerade, since the venue moved to the Underground.

With this bit of love and history between us, I’m sure you understand why I would cut one of my highly anticipated trips out west to come back in time to see them, live. But first, the bands who went on before them!

Jule Vera

Jule Vera Masquerade ATL.jpg

First on stage was Jule Vera, who I was also very excited to see. Like Our Last Night, I first came across her music thanks to Vans Warped Tour 2017. There are three things I love about seeing this band on stage:

  1. The lead vocalist has the voice of an angel.
  2. She is almost always relaxed on stage with no awkward moments of trying too hard to impress.
  3. Her bassist could totally get it. He’s the long-haired guy on the right. 😉

Unfortunately, since Jule Vera is one of those bands best enjoyed live, their studio songs don’t do them justice. Here are a few clips from the show.

Don Broco

01 Don Broco Masquerade Atlanta.jpg

Another interesting band that night was Don Broco. I had never heard of them before, but I was glad I saw them. They weren’t really my style of music, but I was fascinated by the British accent, and thoroughly amused and impressed by the lead singer’s dance moves.

The last time I saw a White guy dance—whose name was not Justin Bieber—and did not feel inclined to throw myself on the floor and laugh my ass off was when I lived in Jamaica, so… this was a half hour well-spent. Here are a few clips from their performance.

I The Mighty

01 I The Mighty Masquerade Atlanta.jpg

Unlike Jule Vera, I The Mighty is one of those bands perhaps best enjoyed via their studio recordings. The lead singer was entertaining—and cute!—but the only song I liked from their set was called Pet Names. I later listened to it at home, and it sounded even better, as did many of their other songs. Here is a clip of them performing Pet Names.

Fun fact: I wrote this entire post with Pet Names on repeat.

Our Last Night

01 Our Last Night Masquerade Atlanta.jpg

After watching three other bands perform, I was more than ready to see my boys on stage.

03 Our Last Night Masquerade Atlanta Selective Hearing Tour.jpg

I grew impatient. I burned through a bottle of water, hopping from one foot to the next, checking my phone—and then suddenly, there they were!

02 Our Last Night Masquerade Atlanta Selective Hearing Tour.jpg

Their performance was just as epic as I thought it would be, though there was a grumpy puss to my right frowning at literally everything that went on, on stage. I never understand why these people bother going anywhere, if their only purpose is to darken the mood of others. In any case, I had a hell of a night!

04 Our Last Night Masquerade Atlanta Selective Hearing Tour.jpg


Trevor was his usual energetic self, though it sounds like he may have blown his voice out a bit on tour. Still, it did little, if anything, to put a damper on the night—though I can’t speak for the grumpy puss I had the displeasure of standing next to.


05 Our Last Night Masquerade Atlanta Selective Hearing Tour.jpg

In fact, when grumpy puss was most upset was one of my favourite parts of the show. Woody’s birthday had only recently passed, and he was still celebrating, so Trevor decided to call up Jule Vera’s too-hot bassist to play, while Woody was sent into the crowd to get shots at the bar, and return with a six-pack for himself and the boys.


Note: You can spot the look of pure displeasure on grumpy’s face at around 42 seconds.

As for the performance itself, check out the videos below! The two covers added to the set that night was Logic’s I Don’t Wanna Be Alive (1-800-273-8255) and Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You.

Music is a pretty big part of my life, and always has been. This year, one of my New Years’ Resolutions was to see at least 12 shows by year-end. So far, so good! There are two more concerts to share with you guys! But first—another Jamaican post, same time next week!

Are there any bands you’ve seen or planned to see this year? Tell me all about them in the comments below! 

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13 thoughts on “Our Last Night in Atlanta, Selective Hearing Tour

  1. There are so many great shows coming to the dfw metroplex and I just can’t find the motivation to go (heat index is pushing 100 already)

    1. Oh wow, that is pretty hot! That sounds like Warped Tour, but it rains every time I go, too. 😂

    1. Haha — it was! I love concerts! ^_^

      Why have you never attended one, though?

      1. Idk, I just never have. It’s weird because I like quite a few boy groups growing up, I guess I just never thought took the initiative to make it happen. Always wondered what that experience would be like – my mom was very protective of us, so going to things like that was out of the question…lol. Plus, I was sort of a homebody and didn’t mingle much or have many friends, so that was another reason.

      2. My mom never let me go to any of those shows either. My first real concert was at 26 and I left with a black eye 😂

        Haven’t had any shows like that since then though, and I often go by myself. It’s so much fun, and some bands are way better live than in the studio.

      3. Lol! Wow…sorry about your black eye! But yes, I’m sure they are – I love listening to artists outside of the studio, gives me an opportunity to hear their real voice and talent. That’s cool that you go by yourself, I just may go to one, one day….never know!

      4. The next time a festival rolls through your area, I hope you go! That’s the best way to see a lot of bands at one time. 😊

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