Is There an Age Limit for Chocolate?

I inherited my love for chocolate from my mother.

When I was a child, she was positively obsessed. We would be without rice and fish sooner in our house than we would ever be without chocolate. It did not help that my mother worked at my aunt’s restaurant and shop, or that we had a lot of European family members going and back and forth. These Europeans often brought with them some excellent delicacies from countries as far-flung from us as Germany and Switzerland.

On one trip, they brought back so much chocolate that I received an entire bundle for myself. Goodness! I remember sitting on the floor in the living room and eating so much chocolate, it was literally coming out of my nose. I’m so serious. That was the day I learned the practical illustration of the Jamaican proverb:

Too much of one thing—good for nothing.

Fast-forward to 20+ years later and my mother can not stand chocolate. Neither can my father. Naturally, this has been to my benefit for some years, now! If I drop by to see my parents and notice pastry on the island counter with chocolate anywhere in the ingredients, I know it was left there for me.

And like my mother, now that I’m an adult and can decide how healthy or unhealthy I want my diet to be, my home is almost never without chocolate. Yet, these days, I find chocolate has increasing competition from other flavours that just last year I would have cast aside without a second thought, if chocolate was within reach.

In fact, just yesterday I set aside chocolate ice cream to grab the raspberry cheesecake flavour instead—something I would never have done even six months ago. Even worse, sometimes when I consider flavours and see chocolate, I catch myself making a face. And so, I begin to accept that I am following in my mother’s footsteps.

The horror!

It’s a tacit reminder that I’m getting older and that thirty is not too far away. Thankfully, I’m looking forward to my thirties, even if they are to be without the blessing of chocolate.

When I was in my earlier twenties, I remember my older friends hitting this age and having an existentialist crisis about where they were and where they wanted to be. I foresee no such crisis for myself. I am happy with my life, my accomplishments, and the goals still left for pursuing in the coming years.

In truth, the only concern I have about getting older is what on earth convinces women in my family to suddenly fall out of love with chocolate in “old” age? Is there an age limit for chocolate for us? Alas! I fear there is…

What about you? What were your first signs that adulthood, middle-age and/or retirement was upon you? Did you also fall out of love with something you had loved all your life—or someone? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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26 thoughts on “Is There an Age Limit for Chocolate?

  1. I have never been a chocoholic, but I enjoy it every now and then, especially the dark 70% cocoa variety. I enjoy nuts more, hazelnuts being my favourite. I am not sure if it is an age thing: I know plenty of 50+ people who love chocolate. When I was pregnant I couldn’t stand the smell of coffee, but, luckily, I recovered from that! Enjoy it in moderation while you can. 👍

  2. Haha, I’ve never been that crazy about chocolate. I like it when it’s combined with other substances, namely peanut butter and caramel, but on it’s own it’s never made me too excited. I’ve always preferred fruitier sweets, with actual fruit being the best of all.

  3. Allergic to chocolate so nothing to say there but when I could no longer eat really spicy food without rushing to the Nexium and when I messed up two discs in my back just picking up a *&^% flower pot… I knew I had crossed into the “older” zone.

    1. Allergic to choolate?? My goodness! I don’t think I could live such a life, even if I am beginning to lose my love for it.

      I use to be allergic to Jamaica’s national dish. A lot of us are. I kept eating it until my body got used to it. It took serious perseverance and throwing up. So worth it though. 🤣

      No spicy food too? Now THAT would kill me for sure. I hope the back problems aren’t too serious. I’ve had mild scoliosis since my teens so I’ve been old for a while on that premise!

      1. When it comes down to not eating something vs. ER visits for a serious rash and not being able to breathe I’m cool with not eating. I used to be allergic to shrimp but that went away – thank you Lord!

  4. Whaaaaaat? Say it ain’t so! The women in your family really need to be studied or there needs to be an intervention because how in the world do you lose your love for chocolate? I really am concerned. Chocolate is unofficially considered a major food group. Some of my greatest experiences and memories involve chocolate because there’s nothing like it on earth–the seductive aroma, so soothing and life affirming with its one-of-a-kind flavor. I mean, chocolate is nothing short of a miracle that can transcend culture, race, gender, and even religion. There are very few things on this planet that chocolate is not compatible with–fruit, bacon, ice cream, sex, etc… People who have a fear of bugs are even willing to eat insects because of chocolate.
    But, yeah, as you get older your taste buds change. It’s natural.
    I feel old because there are so many vegetables that I’ll eat now that I didn’t eat when I was younger but beets is not one of them. I used to hate spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and brussel sprouts but now they’re a regular part of my diet that I smother in chocolate. Just kidding.

    1. Hahaha, chocolate is indeed all those things and more. It is especially healthy for women due to the iron content. Dark chocolate is the best. I still enjoy it. I just seem to prefer a lot of other things over it these days. I hope I don’t ever make it to mom’s level of hatred for it.

      Well it’s good that you’re eating healthier as you get older. Pair that with an active lifestyle and you’ll really be the Mac Daddy of Texas 😂😅

    1. Buahahahaha. That is definitely a good sign. Dark chocolate is my fave chocolate. It’s also the healthiest.

  5. Have you taste the chocolate from Sweden? Marabou is the brand. Much cheaper then the Belgian and the Swiss who is over over advertised. I don’t know if the Marabou is available in many countries. But if you see it, try it!😊

    1. I’ve probably eaten it before. I’ve had so much chocolate from so many places, I can’t keep track. 😌 Do you think the Swedish chocolate will convert me?

      1. Dark chocolate is the best. White chocolate is the devil in disguise.

    1. I always preferred the darker chocolate, especially when it has nuts. I’m not sure what the turnoff is for me now. I still like it. I just increasingly prefer other things.

  6. My first recognition that I was old came when my granddaughter said, “You old!” I resisted that until I turned 70. When you are 70 there is no getting around that you are in fact old. So now I am exploring what gifts come with old age.

    1. Hahaha, my grandmother is in her 60s and good luck telling her she is old. She is younger than all of us. Her hair is cherry red at present. 😂

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