Travel Vlog: Exploring Alaska



  • Alexis Chateau
  • Tristan O’Bryan

Photographers & Videographers

  • Alexis Chateau
  • Tristan O’Bryan

Video Editing

  • Google
  • Alexis Chateau


Used with special permission from OneOnTheBeat. Find him on:

The flight and hotel for this trip was booked by 1 View Point, LLC, a member of the Alexis Chateau PR team. If you’re interested in booking your own Alaskan adventure, your journey starts here

Cost breakdown for this trip:

  • Round trip from Atlanta to Alaska: $711.61
  • Round trip from Las Vegas to Alaska: $579.80 (Tristan paid for his flight)
  • Airbnb Booking: $317.99
  • Turo Car Rental: ~$347.35 (Tristan paid for the car rental)

Thus, the entire trip cost me $1,029.60 and cost Tristan $927.15. Together, we shared a total cost of $1,956.75. This was our most expensive trip to date and worth every penny!

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