The Best 29th Birthday Gift Ever?

Today is my 29th birthday.

As a teenager and young adult, I paid little if any attention to birthdays. They were just another day in the year, and I was lucky to remember what day it fell on without birthday wishes from family and friends.

In the year or two before moving to America, that changed, and in the years that followed, I maintained it. However, this year, I have opted not to celebrate my 29th birthday.

The first reason for this will not surprise you—at least, I don’t think so. Ever since announcing that I would be publishing my book earlier this year, I have had only ONE date in mind: October 31st. Because of this, I didn’t realise my birthday was creeping up until last week, and after some thought, decided that the only date that still mattered to me is Halloween.

To add to this, my family has done a lot of celebrating this year for the accomplishments of different members, including myself. I’m all celebrated out, I think. There is nothing more I want to do this Tuesday than what I already planned to do before I realised it was my birthday i.e. take my bike out onto the trails again, like I did last week.

However, there is one gift I continue to look forward to all month and this is the pre-ordering of The Moreau Witches.

Maybe you’re one of the many people who’ve been looking forward to it being published, or who pushed me to finish it. Maybe you’ve heard of it, but decided it’s not your type of book. Maybe you’re one of those waiting for the physical copy. Or, maybe you have no idea what it is.

Whichever of these is true about you, supporting my debut novel is about the best birthday gift I could receive in a month where the only date that matters to me is the day it will be published.

If you’ve already pre-ordered my novel, then thank you for the early present! I have made a note of everyone who ordered and have already entered you on my list for the upcoming raffle. To those of you right here on this blog who helped me work on the novel, I thank you as well.

Happy birthday to me! And when my 30th birthday rolls around, may another novel be the source of my unshakable happiness.


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57 thoughts on “The Best 29th Birthday Gift Ever?

    1. Thank you! I did. I went riding. I also wanted to go painting today, but Hurricane Michael put an end to my plans. Left the house and had to turn back. Couldn’t see anything 🙄

      1. I saw the news about Hurricane Michael heading for Orlando and it looked pretty bad. Good to know you are safe and enjoyed your birthday.

        I got a new bike too so that I can keep up with my husband next time we go riding together. No basket or rack on this one and it’s much lighter and more fun to ride. It’s a Pendleton Brooke hybrid. Happy riding!

      2. It didn’t do much damage on my side of town and my friends in Orlando were fine. We got lucky. Other areas were devastated by Hurricane Michael.

        I just looked at the bike. Looks like it’s only sold in Europe. How unfair! And thank you. Happy keeping up with your husband! 🙃

      3. I was sad to see all the damage caused by hurricane and I feel for the people who lost their homes and belongings and for the tragic loss of life. How does one recover from such devastating blow?

        As for the bike, I am sure you can get excellent models in the USA too. Happy riding.

      4. What’s strange is how far north these hurricanes have been coming. Georgia isn’t usually a hurricane zone, especially so far in land and so close to the city. It’s worse for people in these areas because homes aren’t built with hurricanes in mind. It makes it easier to bring buildings down.

      5. I have never seen so many hurricanes or named storms all over the world so close together in a short period of time. It is not just the USA, but the Philippines, Indonesia, France and even in Mayorca, one of the most popular Spanish Islands on the Mediterranean, have seen devastating rains and floods. “Winter is coming…”

      6. You’re right. There have been so many of them I can’t keep up! I hear Japan has been getting some too, as typhoons. Luckily, November is the end of hurricane season. We’re almost there!

    1. Thank you! If it’s anything like the past few I’ve had, it’s a year worth looking forward to for sure. 😄

      1. The book journey is slow, but I do have another book of short stories in the works. Hopefully it will be ready to be published on or around Dec 1 – just in time for the Christmas rush 😉

      2. Do you take breaks in between writing projects? I hear we should, but I never do 🙄

      3. For the writing part, I go where the whim, or perhaps the muse, takes me. Which means that I am writing something, even if it is ultra-short flash fiction, almost all of the time. As far as compiling something into a book, I do try to take a breather. Drafting and then editing is much more difficult than writing! I need a little time to gather strength again. Typically what I am working on is at least a year old, perhaps two or more. That way I am turning a fresh eye on it. That is also why I have a big backlog! Anyway, I think we all do it a little different. I think the import thing is just doing it! (No, this isn’t a Nike ad 😉 ). So if you aren’t taking a break write now, I think it’s fine, as long as you don’t burn yourself out.

  1. I’ve been notoriously bad about keeping up with blogging buddies for various reasons. I also have a book out soon although at 29, you are perhaps way over my intended age range of 7-10 year olds. Although, perhaps at 29 years old, you’re old enough to revisit the inner 9-year-old 😀

    I will keep an eye out for your book though. Best of luck with the release.

    1. Thank you! The book is already available for pre-order actually. Take a second look at the post. There are two pre-order links inserted. 😃

      I’m not a fan of children’s books, to be honest. I only ever liked crime fiction and mystery as a child and it followed me into adulthood. 😂

      What kind of children’s book is it?

      1. Good choice! Grew up on a diet of Blyton and Dahl. If somebody had never read at least one book by either of those, I’d have to ask if they were ever a child.

      2. I’m not sure I know Dahl. I left fantasy for a while after that though. By my preteens, it was mystery that got hold of me. I was a big fan of Nancy Drew!

        Not surprisingly, my novel is “paranormal murder fiction”. I combined the 2 things I loved 😂

      3. I’m often surprised by which children’s book writers non-Brits have and have not heard of. To me, Dahl is just as famous as Blyton. Kids today probably read more Dahl because his stories are timeless whereas Blyton’s have perhaps tended to age a bit. Plus, some recent film adaptations have managed to keep him in the public eye.

        Films based on his books are Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (or the earlier version was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), The BFG, Matilda, Fantastic Mister Fox, The Witches, James and the Giant Peach. Most of those have been adapted in the last ten years .

      4. Interesting! No, I definitely never read those. I know the movies, but didn’t even know they were based off books.

        Did you also have the books with Nip, Dick, and Jane? 😂 I realise only Commonwealth people are familiar with those.

        Also plenty of Brere Rabbit books in my toddler years.

      5. Haha I remember asking my mom what on Earth Brer stood for. Her guess was Brother. Maybe you can end the mystery!

      6. The French didn’t colonise the entire south, just Louisiana, I believe. And also Canada up north.

        It seems an interesting choice of word for a British author, when you consider the origins.

      7. I realise it wasn’t all of the South but I thought there was also French influence in Alabama, Mississippi? The place name etymology of some of the places in those states certainly are

      8. I’m not sure. There could be. I know more about West Indian than American colonisation to be honest.

      9. Jamaica has Ocho Rios, Savanna-La-Mar and Spanish Town (which is nicknamed Spain locally). Cuba is also our closest neighbour. Spanish influence in Jamaica is negligible beyond names and we don’t speak the language 🤷‍♀️ The last victor gets the spoils, and for us, that was the British. 🙃

      10. Haiti, I believe, retains a lot of French influence? Is that true? (too lazy to Google, besides, I’d rather get an answer from a genuine person 😀 )

      11. Well, as in any Creole offshoot that was once foreign European territory, how much of the mother country’s influence remains is based on what class you’re referring to. 🤔 Upper classes usually retain more European influences. However, France is a long way away and America and Canada are closer, so I’m not sure how that affects things for them. I only know Haitians who live in the US, like my Dad.

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