The Moreau Witches: 1st eBook Pre-Order Winner Announcement + Off to the Typesetter

On October 2nd, I shared that The Moreau Witches eBook had been available for pre-order as of October 1st. On that first day, many of my family, followers, and friends surprised by me getting the book IMMEDIATELY. At the head of that line was one of my college friends, whom I have written about before, Audri.

Until today, she had no idea she was the first to order the book, or that there was any prize associated with that order. In fact, at the time of writing this post, I’m sure she hasn’t yet seen the email. It’s 12:49 AM.

The Moreau Witches 1st Pre-Order Winner.png

For those of you interested in the raffle coming up, especially those of you who have already pre-ordered the eBook, and therefore automatically entered to win, here are the prizes Audri has been offered. I selected these for her based on my intimate knowledge of her as a friend. I will choose more male and unisex options for the raffle.

The Moreau Witches First Preorder Prizes.png


Those of you who already pre-ordered the eBook are perhaps far more interested in knowing when you’ll finally get the chance to read it. Well, sooner than later, I hope!

I completed the filing of my copyright claim with the US Copyright Office on the 12th of October and after a final read-through, sent the book off to the typesetter on October 16th.

The Moreau Witches Copyrighted.png

I will keep you updated on when the pre-ordered eBook will be made available to you. However, whenever you see that email asking you to verify the format you would like to have the book in, it’s a good bet that the delivery is right around the corner.

Can you believe it? We’re on the last stretch! 🙌

I look forward to your continued support on the road to publishing the witches’ tale. Please share this post to help me spread the word! Here’s that pre-order link again—thanks in advance! 😃

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