Travel Vlog: Exploring Las Vegas, Nevada

In 2017, the travel bans ruined my international travel plans, including my plans to return home for the first time in two years (I still haven’t!). After much deliberation, I decided to risk a trip to Vegas to see one of my best friends, Tristan. I also met our mutual friends Ericson Quero and Daniel Vu while I was there.

This was the trip that started everything. Ever since this visit to Vegas, Tristan and I have been taking trips twice a year together, and then some on our own. Our next planned stop is the Maldives.

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18 thoughts on “Travel Vlog: Exploring Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. Then you will. I’ve been wanting to come to Orléans, France, since I went to New Orleans in September 1991 and I only made it today! So glad I did! When there is a will…

      1. We have been travelling for a week and go back to the UK next Saturday, 3rd November. Driving along river Loire at the moment (Peter is).

      2. When are you guys NOT travelling? And when will you adopt me so I can come too? 😭

    1. I really hope so! 🙏 I would be so sad if I couldn’t make it! I’ve been trying to go since 2016 or 2017.

  2. My focus in Vegas is all over Red Rock Canyon- and Valley of Fire, 20 miles northeast. Mount Charleston would be a place I’d like to see, when I visit a nice couple who live near Summerlin.

    1. I heard about Mount Charleston, but didn’t have enough time to go. Never heard of Valley of Fire. I’ll have to ask Tristan about that. 😃

    1. Definitely not more comfortable, but more like a devil may care kind of thinking. I didn’t come here to cower behind his wall.

      Also I have to fly back to Jamaica in a week or 2 to renew my passport for a cruise that’s coming up, so I have no choice but to go for it and hope for the best!

      1. I sure hope so! But, I am for a shit hole country, so who knows? 😂

      2. One can hope! Jamaica has been allying itself with some interesting choices lately: Canada, China, and Russia.

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