Carnival Magic Day 4: Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan (Honduras)

Last week, I shared the brutal attack I suffered on the beach in Grand Cayman! I’m happy to say there were no injuries, but I will remember that moment for a long time. Today, we pick up at Day 4 aboard the Carnival Magic cruise, where we docked at Mahogany Bay on Isla Roatan in Honduras.

14 Mahogany Bay Isla Roatan Honduras

After a quick breakfast, we disembarked. I had bought tickets for a cable car lift, but failed to convince anyone else to come with me due to a fear of heights. So, I separated from the rest of the group to explore on my own and find the line for this cable car ride.

I loved how blue and clear the water was. You just don’t see water like this very often in the United States and I wanted to soak up as much of it as possible. I was looking forward to the cable ride even more now, so I began my solo trek through Mahogany Bay.

Mahogany Bay Roatan

While searching for the cable ride, I came across a nature path and decided that was a detour worth taking. It was no Alaska or Georgia, for that matter, but it was green and beautiful all the same.

5 Mahogany Bay Isla Roatan.jpg

There weren’t a lot of other people on the trail, so it was a lovely, quiet walk. When you’re constantly surrounded by people on a cruise, no matter how much you enjoy their company, you enjoy quiet moments like these to yourself—at least, I do. Here are some of the photos I took while walking the trail.

When I saw the sign for the beach, I decided I would just try to find the lift later. I had plenty of time to ride it. As I crossed the bridge and looked up, lo and behold, there was the lift I had paid for to take me to the beach.

8 Mahogany Bay Isla Roatan.jpg

I decided there was no point in turning back now, so on to the beach I went. Here’s the view from the bridge:

I found a spot, bought a coconut and settled down by myself. As I did, I saw the group scanning the beach to see whether or not I had made it or plummeted to my untimely death.

Alexis Chateau Isla Roatan Honduras

Unfortunately, like the one we visited in Grand Cayman, this beach had very fine sand, even more so. Because of this, the water was murky and totally unfit for snorkelling or underwater videos. It was also very crowded with fellow tourists who were probably also escaping colder climes. It was beautiful though, and after spending some time in the water, I worked on my upcoming novel, Alanis, Land of the Undead.

When I tired of writing, I decided it was time to look for the cable ride. I left my phone behind and took my new action camera, instead. I figured if it really came to it, I would rather drop that than my beloved Google Pixel 2XL, which now takes most of the photos on this blog, including that beautiful blue one at the top of this post.

10 Alexis Chateau Cable Car Carnival Magic Mahogany Bay Isla Roatan.jpg

My action camera isn’t too bad either. Here are some of the photos I took while cruising 67 feet above the beach.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Of all the countries we stopped at, Honduras is one of my favourites—my second favourite, to be exact. When we returned to the ship, we were starving and ready to stuff our faces. Naturally, I chose a table with my favourite view from the ship.

Carnival Magic Pool and Hot Tub.jpg

As the sun began to set, however, an even more beautiful view caught my eye. My Google Pixel did a great job of capturing the scene, I think, but nothing ever beats seeing the real thing in person. I hope you do one day!

Next week, I will continue with Belize, my least favourite stop on the Carnival Magic cruise. Why’s that? Well, you’ll have to keep reading to find out. Stay tuned!

30 thoughts on “Carnival Magic Day 4: Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan (Honduras)

  1. This makes me wanna take a cruise again so badly! Last time we went I was so young I feel I only remember the big stuff not the little things that were fun (:

    1. I’m not too excited about going back on a cruise. I need internet. It’s hard to write without it. 😆

    1. I think Jamaicans have easy entry into most countries in the LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean), including Mexico. Also, my green card functions much the same as an American passport when it comes to countries I can use it in, so if Americans don’t need a visa, I typically won’t either.

      They did give me a shakedown at the original boarding in Miami though, because I’m on an extension. I almost didn’t get to go.

  2. It is certainly beautiful and idyllic and I would have most definitely joined you on that cable lift. Shame about the snorkelling, though. I look forward to reading about Belize. 👍

    1. The company would have been appreciated! 😆 People kept staring at me for riding alone. One lady asked me if I wanted to borrow her son. They were going in the opposite direction 😂

      1. Hahaha! I am too independent and often end up doing things alone if no-one wants to join me. Sometimes I think you do and see more on your own. Many years ago as a student in Madrid, 4 of us girls had agreed to go ice-skating at the other end of the city; it took me nearly 2 hours to get there by tube and then bus, but nobody turned up. I waited and waited and in the end I went ice-skating on my own. There have been other instances like that. Sometimes you just can’t rely on other people. 😢

      2. That’s very true! I had written a post about that a while back about how much I prefer to go out on my own. I love it! This time though, I had company, and they still didn’t make it!

        I agree that you get to do more and see more when you go on your own. Maybe a part of that is that you don’t need group consensus to get things done. 😊

  3. It’s beautiful! It looks like so much fun! I’ve never been on a cruise before. Mainly because I’m a huge chicken and terrified of deep water. 🙂

    1. I’m also terrified of deep water, but the group talked me into giving it a try 😆

      I’m glad I got it out of the way, but I don’t think I would ever do another one. I hated not having access to the internet, so I could work on my novel. I needed Google for that!

  4. This island looks lovely. I don’t suppose I’ve ever heard of it before, or worse, anything about Honduras besides the reputation. Taking a cable car is actually missing from my bucket list. Time to update 😄 seems like something to try even once.

    1. What’s the reputation in Honduras?👀

      Cable car rides are awesome. I did that in Honduras and the tram in Alaska. Great way to really see a city!

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